Air Drying Machine

Air drying machine is also known as cooling machine. In potato chips and french fries making lines, air drying machine is used to dry and cool down potato products, such as potato chips and french fries. And it is often positioned after de-watering and de-oiling machine. Before being fried, the blanched potato product will be de-watered first by vibrator and then further dried by our air drying machine. This can ensure the crispness of potato products after frying. While after defatting, the potato products, chips or french fry, will be cooled down by our ambient air cooling machine. This process can prevent the chips or french fries from clogging together for there is oil on the surface. Besides, while cooled down, the potato products can be handled for other processes, such as flavoring and packaging.

air cooling machine for french fries
Air Drying Machine
quality air drying machine for sale
Air Drying Equipment

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Types of Ambient Air Cooling Machines

As a manufacturer and supplier of potato processing equipment, we design and engineer quality machines according to customer needs and requirements. Generally, we provide two kinds of air drying machine for potato chips and french fries making line. The working methods for both machines are the same. The machines are mainly composed of two layers. On the lower side, the chips or french fries are transported on belt conveyor. While on the upper side, ambient air is blowing towards the potato products, cooling and drying them evenly. And the main difference lies in the configuration of belt conveyor and air blower. For one is equipped with round shape air blower, which can turn around with adjustable degrees to dry the products. While the other is installed with fixed dryer, but the belt conveyor is not even so as to cool the products thoroughly. No matter which kind of air dying machine you need, we ensure that you get quality one with high performance.

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Benefits of Cooling Machines for Chips and French Fry

  1. Durable and hygiene. Our air drying machines are all made of stainless steels. As a result, the cooling machines are reliable and durable, serving for long life time. Besides, it will ensure the cleanness of products in the processing.
  2. Good results. All our cooling machine for potato chips and french fries are designed in unique way so that they can cool down the products in an even and thorough way.
  3. Versatile usage. In fact, except for potato chips and french fries line, the air cooling machines can also be used in other vegetables and fruits processing lines to dry fried products.
  4. Competitive prices. All the machines are designed and manufactured in our factory by our dedicated engineers and workers. This factory-direct model can save you from third party fees.

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