Automatic Banana Chips Line

Fully automatic banana and plantain chips  line is to produce banana wafers and plantain chips with fully automatic banana and plantain chips making machines. Due to this fact, the fully automatic banana chips production line is suitable for large scale plantain chips making business with great demand in production capacity. With high efficient banana chips making machines, less human workers, the fully automatic plantain chips making unit is great investment for you that can ensure quick economic returns. If you want to expand your existing banana chips business, or want to set up a new plantain chips plant, we are willing to help you with tailored solutions.

automatic plantain chips processing plant
Automatic Banana Chips Plant

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Automatic Banana Chips Line Process

When it comes to banana chips production process, there are several important steps. To get optimum final products, each step is essential.

  • The first step is to choose suitable kind of bananas for processing. When the bananas arrive in the factory, workers will sort and grade them firstly to eliminate defective ones.
  • Then the selected bananas are peeled and trimmed for cutting. The banana cutter will slice them into thin slices. Before frying, extra water on banana slices will be removed.
  • In the frying process, the banana slices will be deep fried in edible oil for a period time.
  • Then the extra oil on the the fried plantain chips will be drained and the hot banana wafers will be cooled down so that they can handled in next processes, like seasoning and packaging.
  • In the flavoring process, various flavors can be added to banana chips. And finally the banana chips will be packed with packaging materials.

Automatic Plantain Chips Making Machine

Due to the delicate characteristics of bananas, the initial sorting, grading and peeling processes should be done by human labor. And the truth is that these processes done by human workers can save raw materials. Except these, the following processes can all be done by banana chips making machines. Our banana cutting machine can cut bananas into thin slices with adjustable thickness and uniform shapes. Since the plantain chips are sliced into cool water, it is necessary to dry them up before frying. Our dehydrating machine uses vibrator system, which drains off extra water with minimum damage to banana chips. Then our banana chips frying machine will deep fry plantain chips with constant high temperature for adjustable period of time. And then the de-oiling machine will remove extra oil on the surfaces of fried banana chips, preventing them from clogging together. And air cooling machine will cool the hot banana wafers done, ready for following processes. Our flavoring mixer machine can spread allocated amount of flavors evenly on the products. And finally our banana chips packaging machine can pack the banana chips effectively and efficiently.

NumberMachine NameSpecificationQty
1Banana Slicer MachineSize:650*550*900mm
2Lifting MachinePower:0.75kw1
3De-Watering MachineSize:1250*1250*1550mm
4Lifting Machine1
5Electric Frying MachineSize:1300*1400*1800mm
6De-Oiling MachineSize:1250*1250*1550mm
7Lifting MachineSize:2000*650*1300mm
8Seasoning MachineSize:1500*700*1600mm
9Automatic Packing MachinePacking Speed: 30-60Bags/min
Total Power :2.5KW/220V
Measure Range :200-1000ML
Bag Size:L: 80-280mm
W: 80-220mm

Benefits of Plantain Chips Automatic Line

  1. High performance. The automatic banana chips production line is equipped with complete set of automatic plantain chips making machines, which can work continuously for long time. Besides, due to advanced technology, our automatic banana chips line can work effectively and efficiently with less consumption of energy.
  2. High quality materials. All our banana wafer making machines are all made of robust food grade stainless steels. Robust designs of the banana chips machines ensure great durability, making them great investments for you.
  3. Top final results. The fully automatic banana chips plant can produce optimum banana chips with quality banana chips making machines.
  4. Efficient use of energy. Obtaining good final products is not enough. We constantly improve our technology to ensure you get top final products with sustainable use of energy.

Automatic Banana Chips Plant Manufacturer

As a reliable banana chips production line manufacturer, we offer customized turnkey solutions. For a suitable process line is vital for the success for your plantain chips making business. According to customer’s needs, we offer both automatic banana wafer production line and semi-automatic one. Except for the turnkey solutions, we also design and engineer quality banana wafer making machines. For quality banana chips making machines can ensure optimum final products. All our machines for banana chips making are made of high quality food grade stainless steel with high performance. As for the banana chips making machines prices, since they are all made in our own factory, we can offer your reasonable prices than competitors.

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