Automatic Continuous Frying Machine

Automatic industrial continuous frying machine is used to fry potato chips, french fries, peanuts, onions, chicken meats and many other foods. As a result, it is a central piece of machine in vegetable, fruits and other food processing lines. Thanks to years of experience and rich knowledge, we can provide you customized commercial continuous fryer machines according to your needs and requirements. No matter what kinds of materials you want to fry, we can always offer your the best suitable ones with good frying results. Due to continuous innovation in technology, our deep fryer machines can not only ensure your optimum frying end products, but also use oil and water in a sustainable way.

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Continuous Fryer Machine

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Configurations of Continuous Deep Fryer Machine

Our continuous deep fryer machines for potato chips and french fries are composed of several systems: wire belt convening system, wire belt lifting system, oil temperature control system, and oil circulatory system. Our commercial frying machine can use electricity, oil, gas and coal to heat up. To prevent excess oil oxidation, our frying machines heat central section of oil layer, and control the temperature of upper and lower layer oil. What’s more, to prolong the oil’s life span, our continuous fryer machine can automatically filter the oil, control the oil’s temperature during the frying process. And to fry the products evenly, the products are set between two layers of wire belts, so that they can not run away freely. The stainless steel wire belt can transport the products with adjustable speeds.

ModelBelt WidthTransfer PowerPump PowerHosit PowerHeating PowerSize(MM)

Benefits of Deep Frying Machines

  1. Great heat efficiency. With high technology, the heating tubes inside the fryer are displayed in scientific way so that the heat can be used in an effective way with less waste.
  2. Sustainable use of water and oil. Our continuous frying machine use both water and oil. While the high temperature oil fry products in a optimum way, the residue is filtered and sink into water. In this way, the oil can be used in a sustainable way for long time.
  3. Top final products. Due to smart design, our industrial frying machine can fry products evenly, ensuring optimum final products with good texture and desirable color.
  4. Robust design. The whole parts of our continuous fryer machine are built with quality stainless steels. This makes the machine not only durable but also sanitary.
  5. Ease cleanness and maintenance. Our continuous frying machine is equipped with a hood which can be lifted up and down. Besides, any part of the frying machine can be easily access to. All these allows for quick cleanness and thorough maintenance.
  6. Versatile applications. Our commercial fryer machine can be used for frying a great variety of products, such as potato chips, french fries, onion rings, peanuts and so on. And they can be customized in sizes and heating systems to meet your needs and requirements.

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