Automatic Potato Chips Production Line

Fully automatic potato chips production line is a chips making line with automatic machines. And there are central computer systems in the line which allow operators to adjust settings and monitor the whole process. Usually, this automatic process line is suitable for potato crisp line with large production capacity requirements. Besides, it is also preferable for those who want to expand the production capacity of their existing potato chips line. So with this automatic line you can produce large yield of optimum potato chips without too many labors. And that is why it is also called large scale chips process line. With well-balanced engineering and user-friendliness, Gelgoog potato chips automatic line can realize your wishes: producing large quantity of good quality potato chips with less energy and water consumption.

potato chips automatic machine
Automatic Potato Chips Maker

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Chips Production Process and Equipment

Potato chips are popular snacks loved by people of all ages around the world. To produce the desired golden crispy and crunchy chips, potatoes should go through several processes.

1.Sorting and grading.  As the basic materials, the correct kind of potatoes are choose and sorted to ensure the quality of end product. For the sorting process, potato sorting machine can do the excellent job. In our potato chips automatic line, the sorting machine is optional.

2.Washing and peeling.  The chosen potatoes are washed and peeled in washing and peeling machine. Our potato washing and peeling machine is the perfect machine to do the work. With continuous water flow and abrasive contacts, our washing and peeling machine can produce good output.

3. Cutting.  The clean potatoes are cut into slices with equal thickness by cutter. Our cutting machine can cut potatoes into slices with adjustable thickness with great efficiency.

4. Blanching. The cut potato slices are boiled for a short period of time, which is known as blanching. This process can remove excess sugar and give the potato slices a desirable color. Our potato chips blanching machine can blanch the slices thoroughly in an efficient way.

5. Dewatering. After the blanching process, the slices are dried by dryer to remove excess water so that it can be crispy after being fried. Our potato chips dryer can remove the excess water and distribute them evenly to the fryer.

6. Frying.  The dried potato slices are fried in potato chips frying machine for a set period of time. Our continuous potato chips frying machine is specially designed to ensure a perfect frying result with controlled temperature, while at the same time ensure the sustainable use of oil.

7.  Deoiling. The fried potato chips should go through defatting process. In this process, our dewatering and deoiling machine will remove the excess water and oil so that the chips will be crispy.

8. Flavoring. The cooled down french fries will be added with flavors with our flavoring machine. With constant rotating and adjustable angles, the seasoning machine can spread flavors evenly on the french fries.

9. Packaging.  The final product is packaged to prolong its shelf life or to promote its branding. Our automatic chips making line includes potato chips packaging machine which can do an efficient and excellent packing job.

Except of the above processes, there are also product handling machines which transport the product from one process to another automatically. And these machines are hoppers, belt conveyors and so on.

Applications of Automatic Potato Chips Plant

Theoretically, our fully automatic chips making line can produce premium potato chips with capacity range from 150kg/h to 500kg/h. And many of our customers choose this processing line to make potato chips within these production capacity range. Of course, with our expertise, we can customize solutions for your special requirements. So this automatic chips process line is preferable for businesses that need a large potato chips production capacity. And if you want to expand the production capacity, you can add a fully automatic potato crisp making line. For medium capacity needs, such as 50kg/h-70kg/h, you can consider our semi-automatic potato chips line.

Features of Chips Automatic Process Line

  1. Tailor-made turnkey solutions. As a customer-oriented company, we can make customized solutions so that you can have a reliable potato chips process line. With rich experience and knowledge, we can offer you turnkey solutions for your potato chips making business, from sorting potatoes to the packing of crispy potato chips, from pre-sales services to after sale services, we are a reliable one-stop business partner for you.
  2. User-friendliness. The fully automatic potato chips making line in our factory is easy to operate, because all the machines are equipped with control panels. And there is no need for many labors.
  3. Hygiene and easy maintenance. Hygiene is vital in potato chips processing line. Each piece of equipment is designed and built with hygiene taken in account. Besides, all the machines in the automatic process line are easy to clean and maintain, due to innovation design.
  4. Good final product. We always design and manufacture our automatic potato chips line based on a high quality end product.
  5. Water and energy efficiency. To meet customer’s demands, our chips making line can not only produce top potato chips, but also can reduce energy and water consumption in the process.

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