Banana Chips Flavoring Machine

Banana chips flavoring machine can add flavors to the fried banana and plantain chips by spreading flavors and seasons evenly. Mainly there are two parts for the machine, the spray applicator and the flavoring drum. While the sprayer device can spray flavors and seasons in a controlled and steady way, the flavoring drum rotates continuously to ensure each piece of the banana and plantain chips are seasoned. As a result, with Gelgoog plantain chips seasoning machine, you can get premium banana and plantain chips with consistent and uniform coverage of flavors and seasons. What’s more, we can customize the industrial plantain and banana chips flavor adding machines to meet customer needs and requirements.

banana chips seasoning equipment
Banana Chips Flavoring Machine
plantain chips flavoring equipment
Banana Chips Seasoning Machine

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Types of Banana and Plantain Chips Seasoning Equipment

There are mainly two kinds of fried food flavoring machines. One is small one with octagonal shape. It is suitable for small and medium plantain and banana chips processing line. The other is automatic food flavoring machine with continuous rotating drum. And it is suited for large scale automatic banana and plantain chips making line.

Applications of Banana and Plantain Chips Flavoring Equipment

The fired food flavoring machine is great investment for it can handle a great variety of fried foods. Except for banana and plantain chips, the flavoring machine can also to add flavors to potato chips, french fries, fried peanut, fried broad beans, and other snack food, pet food, coffee beans, and so on.

Advantages of Banana and Plantain Chips Flavoring Drum

1.Customized design. Our plantain and banana chips flavoring drum machines can be tailor made in every aspect to meet customer needs in production capacity, materials and so on.
2.Quality materials. The whole banana and plantain chips seasoning equipment is made of 304 stainless steel to meet hygienic standards.
3. Easy cleaning and maintenance. The banana and plantain chips flavor adding machines are specially designed so that they are easy to clean and maintain, reducing costs.

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