Banana Chips Frying Machine

As the name implies, banana chips frying machine is used to fry banana chips and plantain chips. Banana chips are healthy snack foods that are widely consumed by people all over the world. Except for being popular snack food, banana chips have also become an important part of a healthy diet. For people who want to enjoy a quick, healthy diet, usually choose plantain chips. so there is a great demand for banana chips around the world. And banana chips frying line is a vital part of the banana chips production line. The frying itself can largely determine the texture, color, and taste of your banana chips. As a professional banana chips fryer machine manufacturer, we can provide you with quality commercial fryers at reasonable prices. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask our dedicated workers for help.

continuous banana chips fryer machine

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Types of Plantain Chips Fryer Commercial

As stated above, it is profitable to start banana chips making business. And the frying line is of great importance for you to consider. Currently, there are mainly three kinds of industrial banana chip frying machines available in our factory.
1. The first one is the banana chips automatic banana chips fryer machine. It is often used in large-scale plantain chips production lines, for it can fry banana chips continuously for a long time. In other words, it is suitable for banana chips plant that needs great production capacity. Another outstanding feature of continuous frying machine is that it uses both water and oil at the same time. For it can remove fine quickly and filter the oil constantly to ensure high quality of the oil. In this way, the continuous fryer machine can produce top banana chips with less use of oil and energy. Another feature of this continuous frying machine is that it can fry banana chips with consistent quality, for it allows for precise oil temperature control, and frying time control.
2. The second type of banana chips fryer is batch type frying machines which often come with a round frying pan. This fryer can constantly stir the banana chips with the batches so that they are fried evenly and consistently. The limitation is that batch-type banana chip frying machines can only fry one batch of banana chips after another. This determines that it is suitable for medium and small-scale banana chip manufacturing lines with smaller production capacity. In other words, it is often used in semi-automatic banana chips plants.
3. The third banana chips fryer machine comes with a basket-type frying tank. Usually, there can have one to three frying tanks. The limit of this frying machine is that you should feed and lift the banana chips by human labor. As a result, this kind of banana chip frying machine is suitable for fast food restaurants, street food stands, and other small banana chips plant with limited production capacity.

batch type frying machine commercial
Batch Type Fryer for French Fries
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Commercial Fryer Machine

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Choose Right Type Fryer for Banana Chips Making

As stated above, there are advantages and limits of three kinds of banana chip frying machines. And they are suitable for different banana chips making lines. As frying is an important process for banana chips production line, you should choose a suitable frying machine. You should consider your needs of production capacity, heating system, budgets, and so on. Of course, all our banana chip frying machines can be customer designed in sizes, materials, configurations, and so on to meet your needs.

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Advantages of Banana Chips Fryer Machine

1. Customer design. Our banana chips fryers can be tailor-made to suit your needs and requirements in materials, sizes, capacities, and so on.
2. Robust design. All the banana chip frying machines are built with quality food-grade stainless steel, which makes the commercial fryers durable enough to work for a long time continuously.
3. Ease maintenance. Sanitation is important for food processing lines.
Except for the stainless steel made, our banana chips frying machines are specially designed so that every part of the machines can be easily accessed. As a result, the banana chips fryers are easy to clean and maintain with less downtime.
4. Easy operation. Our banana chips frying machines are all equipped with PLC systems, which allow you to monitor and control the processing easily.
5. Top frying results. With advanced technology, our banana chips fryer machines allow for precise temperature control and frying time. This can ensure good frying results of banana chips.
6. Sustainable use of energy. The top final result is not enough, for the banana chip-making process should also save water and energy. Taking these into consideration, our frying machines for banana chips are specially designed with a filtering system. As a result, our banana chips frying line can use less oil and energy.
7. Great customer support. As a professional manufacturer, we provide all-around services to help you out, from pre-sales services to after-sales services. We are always here for you.

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