Banana Chips Making Machine In Coimbatore

Congratulations to another Cameroonian customer who is about to use our banana chips making machine.

In most African countries, banana production has been consigned to subsistence production. However, a few countries, especially in West Africa, have recognised the commercial importance of banana,So as to export bananas or process bananas in their own country, to obtain more benefits .

In 2019, Cameroon’s banana exports amounted to US$266 million, making it the 11th largest banana exporter in the world. In the same year, bananas were Cameroon’s sixth largest export product. The main destinations of Cameroon’s banana exports are: Belgium (US$144 million), France (US$41.7 million), the United Kingdom (US$29.9 million), Czech Republic (US$15.2 million) and Slovakia (US$14.3 million).

Under the trend of the banana environment, a customer in Cameroon saw an opportunity for banana chip making processing. Contact us and want to have a fully automatic banana chip making machine. After communicating with the customer, the professional account manager confirmed the customer’s needs, and in cooperation with the product engineering, provided the customer with a set of banana chip-making machines that meets the Cameroon customer’s needs.
After many communications and discussions, we finally confirmed the banana chip-making machine with the Cameroonian customer.

After the banana chip-making machine was produced, we conducted equipment inspections for customers. Ensure that customers receive high-quality banana chip making machine. The picture below is the experiment picture:

banana chips making machine price in coimbatore
banana chips making machine price in coimbatore

Why Cameroonian customers choose our banana making machine:
There are two common processing methods for banana chips, the one with sugar and the one without sugar. Our banana chip processing machine can help customers get crispy banana chips. If customers want different flavors of banana chips, we can also provide banana chip flavoring machines to help customers achieve a variety of banana chip flavors.
The whole line of banana chips making has a high degree of automation. Taking the production of 300 kilograms of banana chips making per hour as an example, manual operation requires 20 people, and our equipment only needs 4 people to complete the entire banana chip operation. Reduce labor consumption and better guarantee the quality of finished products.
Banana chips making plant planning and design, we will guide how to install banana chip-making machine, and there will be instructions on how to install banana chip making machine. In addition, we have a professional after-sales service team to solve customer worries, solutions for banana chip-making machine problems, replacement of parts and other after-sales problems.
300kh/h banana chip making machine area:
Equipment use area is 130m²
Recommended workshop area is 260m².
Power consumption: 299.45KW.h (electricity) 29.45Kw (gas)
Air consumption: 69.8Nm3
Fuel consumption: 30kg/h

A complete and suitable banana chip solution can help the customer successfully realize his banana chip processing business. Help customers continue to create revenue. If you are like this Cameroonian customer, pay attention to the quality of the finished banana chips and the quality of the chips making and want to know banana chips making machine price in coimbatore . Please contact us immediately, and we will provide a suitable banana chip processing solution according to your specific needs.