Banana Chips Production Line

Banana chips production line is also known as plantain chips line. It is a process line for making delicious banana chips from ripe and unripe bananas. Like potato chips and french fries, banana chips are also popular snack foods enjoyed by people of all ages around the world. Besides, due to the changes of lifestyle, banana chips have already become an important part of healthy diets. In light of this increasing demand of banana wafers, it is highly profitable to start your own banana chips making units, whether the small scale one or the large ones. Thanks to years of experience and professional knowledge, we offer tailored turnkey solutions for your plantain chips processing lines with quality banana chips making machines. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

banana chips processing plant
Banana Chips Production Line

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Banana Chips Making Plants Available

According to production capacity, there are two kinds of banana chips processing lines. The first is large scale banana chips plant, which can produce plantain chips with great capacity. It is also known as fully automatic banana chips making line for it is consisted of automatic banana chips making machines. The second one is semi-automatic banana chips processing line. As the name implies, it is composed of semi-automatic banana chips making machines. And usually this small scale banana chips line can produce smaller capacity of banana chips which is suitable for small banana chips making business.

Banana Chips Making Process and Machines

  1. Sorting and grading. When bananas arrive in factory, workers will sort and grade them, remove defective ones in order to ensure the quality of raw materials. After that, the bananas will be washed for next process. And often this sorting and grading process is done by human labor.
  2. Peeling. The selected bananas will be trimmed and peeled. And this process can be done both by human labor and by banana peeler machines.
  3. Slicing. The peeled bananas will be fed into banana slicer machine, which will cut bananas into thin slices with adjustable thickness. Our banana slicer machine is of great efficiency that slice bananas quickly with premium quality.
  4. De-watering. When the banana is sliced, it is sliced into water. For the water can prevent the banana slices from changing color and can also wash off extra starched. So it is necessary to dehydrate the banana slices before frying. Our de-watering machine can drain off extra water efficiently with no damage to the banana slices.
  5. Deep frying. Frying is vital process in banana chips making process. And to get optimum banana chips, precise temperature control is essential. With advanced technology, our banana chips frying machines allow for precise oil temperature control and frying time setting. Besides, to use oil in effective way, the banana chips fryer machines are equipped with filtering system, which can remove fine quickly and ensure the purity of oil.
  6. De-oiling. After frying, the surface of plantain chips is covered with extra oil. To make them healthy and crispy, de-oiling machine is necessary. Our de-fatting machine can drain off extra oil on the fried banana chips, prevent them from clogging together.
  7. Air-drying. Air drying process can cool down the hot plantain chips, ready for next processes like seasoning and packaging. Our air drying machines are smartly designed so that they can cool down and dry up the products effectively and efficiently.
  8. Packaging. Packing is the final stage of banana chips processing line. Packaging can not only improve the shelf life of banana chips, but also make it easy to transport them. What’s more, it can be used as a promotion tool to promote your own banana chips.

Banana Chips Making Business Plan

To start your own banana chips making lines, you have to do research to know more about your targeted market as well as your own requirements. Doing detailed research into your products and demands helps you understand the vision and goal of your business. Then you should determine your material resources and targeted markets. All these done, you can outline your detailed banana chips making business project. The first thing is to determine the scale of your plantain chips manufacturing plants, small scale banana chips plant, medium one or large scale banana chips line. The larger your banana chips plant is, the more investment it needs. If you are new to banana chips processing plant, you can contact us for help. Our dedicated and professional engineers are willing to offer your customized solutions. Of course, you can also expand your own existing banana chips making unit by retrofitting your plant, or simply install another banana chips making line.

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