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Blanching machine can be simply named as blancher. In a complete French fry and  potato chips making line, the blanching machine is situated between potato cutting machine and frying machine. It is used to blanch cut potatoes. The blanching is essential for it can ensure the optimum quality of end product, the crispness and firmness after frying, desirable color and long  shelf life. Gelgoog provides you with several kinds of blanching machines for potato processing businesses according to your needs. With many years of experience, all of our blanchers are robust in design and high efficiency in performance. They are preferable choices for your potato chips and french fries manufacturing business.

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Types of Blanching Machines

As a professional manufacturer of blancher, we offer mainly three types of blanching machines for potatoes chips and french fries. The first one is batch type blanching machine. It is often in the shape of round pot. The second type of blancher is basket type with handles on each side, so that work can put down or lift the basket. And the third type is continuous blanching machine for chips and french fries. As for application, the first and the second types are suitable for small chips and fry making businesses, for they can handle limited amount of products at a time. For the third type of blancher, it can be used in automatic chips and french fries production line. For it can blanch the cut potatoes constantly in greater amount. Of course, we can design and manufacture potato chips and french fries blanching machines according to your specific needs and requirements. And all these kinds of potato blanching machines are made to produce high quality product in an efficient way.

Chips and French Fries Blanching Process

Blanching is vital for following processes of chips and french fry making. Correct blanching of cut potatoes will ensure the crispness and firmness of potato strips and slices after frying, for the blanching can remove extra starch from the potatoes. Besides, the blanching process can preserve desirable color so that the final product can be in golden yellow color. The exact processes are as follows. Firstly, the cut potatoes, be strips or slices, are fed into the blanching machines, which are filled with hot water. For the batch type and basket types ones, limited amount of cut potatoes are fed in so that they can be blanched evenly. For the continuous blanching machine, it can blanch the cut potatoes continuously. All these potato blanchers are equipped with time and temperature settings so that you can control their blanching time and temperature accordingly. And after a set period time, the blanched chips and fries are discharged, ready for the frying process.

Benefits of Potato Blanchers

  1. Robust design. All of our blanching machines are built with high quality stainless steels. This makes the potato chips and french fries blancher reliable and durable. What is more, it also ensures the hygiene of product in processing.
  2. High performance. Our blanching machines for chips and french fries are equipped with time and temperature settings so as you can monitor the blanching process easily. Accurate blanching time and correct temperature can ensure the good flavor as well as good taste of final product.
  3. Low maintenance. As stated above, the stainless steel made blanchers make it need less maintenance. Even though there is need for cleaning and maintenance, it can be done easily. For all our potato chips, french fries blanching machines are designed in genius way.
  4. Energy efficiency. Optimum blanching of your potato chips and french fries is not enough. When the blanchers are designed and manufactured, we take the water and energy consumption into consideration too. As a  result, you can get good blanched chips and fries with less energy consumption.
  5. Flexibility. Except for potatoes, the blancher can also be used to blanch other vegetables and fruits.

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