French Fries Production Line in Iraq

finger chips production line

An Iraq customer came us to inquire a complete french fries production line. For he wanted to set up a new potato french fries making business. After thorough and several rounds of communication, our professional engineers offered tailored french fries plant for him and recommended complete french fries making machines. To our great satisfaction, our … Read more

Potato Chips Production Line in Pakistan

potato chips making business in Pakistan

A customer from Pakistan contacted our for his potato chips making business. Our dedicated workers communicated with him immediately and asked detailed needs and requirements. Then our workers came up with tailored solutions for his potato chips manufacturing plant as well recommended machines. To our great joy, the customer was very satisfied with the whole … Read more

How to Start Plantain Chip Making Business

automatic plantain chips processing plant

Plantain chip is a popular and healthy snack food enjoyed by people around the world. Besides, with the changes of lifestyle, modern people are seeking healthy diets that can be prepared quickly. And banana chip is one of the favorite food people turn to. Besides, since the plantation of bananas are widely all over the … Read more

Select Right Type Potato Product Fryer

potato chips and french fries fryer manufacturer

In both potato chips making line and potato french fries making plant, the frying process is vital for the optimum quality of final products. As a result, you have to choose the suitable frying machine for your potato chips and french fries making businesses. In this article, we will introduce you three types potato chips … Read more

How to Flavor Potato Chips

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What is your favorite flavor of potato chips? Barbecue, spicy, or sweet onion flavor? For myself, I love the spicy flavor chips so much that I can devour a bag of potato chips at one go. Then have ever wondered how the potato chips can have different flavors and the seasons are evenly spread on … Read more

Frozen French Fries Making Business

frozen french fries processing plant for sale

French fries, also known as finger chips, are fried or baked thin potato strips. As popular snacks or side dishes with fast food, they are widely consumed by people all over the world, especially with the popular of western fast food chains. To meet this great demand, frozen finger chips become more prevalent, for they … Read more

How French Fries are Made

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In our last article, we talk about how to make potato chips. Today, we will explain how french fries are made in factory. Like potato chips, french fries are also very popular snacks around the world. However, except for the fact they both can be cooked for dinner, packed potato chips are often found on … Read more

How Potato Chips are Made

potato chips manufacturing plant

As popular by-products of potatoes, potato chips are one of the most consumed snack foods around the world. To meet this large volume demand, a great many of potato chips plants, be the large scale ones or small ones, are set up and operated all over the world. As a result, we can find both … Read more

How to Start French Fries Making Business

french fries production manufacturer

French fries are popular by-product of potatoes, which are widely consumed by people all over the world. As a result, the french fry making industry is very profitable, no matter the large brands or small frying making business. And mature as the industry is, there is always business opportunity left, as the market is huge. … Read more