Bubble Type Vegetable Washing Machine

In potato chips plant and french fries line, bubble type vegetable and fruit washer machines often situated between cutting machine and blanching machine. After the potatoes are cut into strips or slices, the bubble type cut potato washer can wash them again and wash off potato scraps as well as fine foreign materials. As a result, you can get clean and tidy potato strips and potato slices ready for next step processing. In fact, except for potatoes, bubble type washer machine can also be used to wash other vegetables and fruits, such as leafy vegetables, strawberries, and so on.

bubble type vegetable and fruit washing machine
Commercial Vegetable and Fruit Washer
vegetable washer machine
Vegetable and Fruit Washer Mchine

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Working Mode of Vegetable and Fruit Washer Machine

Washing products is still the initial step of vegetables and fruits processing. It may not be complicated, but is should be done in the right way. Taking this into consideration, our bubble type vegetable washer are smartly designed. As its name implies, bubble type vegetable washer can generate a lot of water bubbles when operating. For the machine is equipped with a water bubble generator. The theory behind this is that when vegetables and fruits are fed in, generating and bursting of water bubbles can produce energy, which can have impact on the surface of the products. As a result, the vegetables and fruits inside can cleaned thoroughly. Besides, it is also installed with rinsing sprays on the top, which can spray water constantly on your products. Combined together, these two systems of bubble washer machine can clean your vegetables and fruits effectively without damages to them.

Bubble Type Washing MachinePower(KW)Size(MM)Weight(KG)Mesh width(MM)
The above three powers are: air bubble, conveyor motor mesh belt and water pump.

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Features of Industrial Fruit and Vegtable Washing Machine

  1. Great versatility. As mentioned above, our bubble type washer machine can a great variety of vegetables and fruits, like leafy vegetables, cut root vegetables, strawberry and so on. This multiple function of the machine makes it more profitable.
  2. Customized design. The bubble type commercial washer for vegetables in our factory can be customized to meet your needs and requirements in power, sizes, materials, capacities and so on.
  3. Robust design. All parts of our bubble type vegetable and fruit washing machines are made of 304 stainless steels to meet relevant standards. At the same time, this makes the machine durable for long time work.
  4. In vegetables and fruits processing, sanitation is always the first goal. Our vegetable washer machine is so smartly and carefully designed so that they allow for quick cleanness and thorough maintenance, with no down time.
  5. Competitive prices. All these bubble type vegetable washers are designed and manufactured in our own factory, which saves you from third-party fees

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