Cassava Chips Fryer Machine

Cassava chips fryer machine is used to deep fry cassava chips, which are also known as tapioca chips, yuca chips, and manioc chips. In cassava chips production line, frying process is vital for it can determine the crispiness and texture of final products. And constant high temperature of oil, adjustable frying time, and quality of the oil are essential factors that impact the quality of finished products.Taking all these into consideration, we constant improve our technology so that our industrial fryer can perform better. As a result, our cassava chips frying machines can not only ensure good frying results but also consume less energy. If you any question about our tapioca chips frying machine, please feel free to contact us.

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Cassava Chips Continuous Fryer

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Kinds of Manioc Chips Commercial Fryer Machines

As a professional manufacturer of industrial fryer, we design and manufacture kinds of frying machines. What’s more, all these vegetable and fruit frying machines can be customized in sizes, materials and configurations to suit your specific needs and requirements. Generally, there are three kinds of commercial fryer machines for cassava chips.

  • The first one is automatic continuous frying machine. It is suitable for automatic cassava chips making line, which need large production capacity. For the continuous frying machine can fry manioc chips non-stop. And in fact, the automatic continuous fryer can also be used to fry a great many of other products, such as potato chips, french fries, banana chips onion ring chips and other vegetables and fruits. Besides, due to advanced technology, the continuous frying machine can control oil temperature precisely, allow adjustable frying time and remove particles quickly. All in all, the cassava chips continuous fryer can produce superior cassava chips with sustainable use of energy.
  • The second one is batch type cassava chips frying machine. The batch type fryer is often of round pan shape with batches inside the frying pan. Since it only can fry one batch of cassava chips after another batch, the batch type frying machine is suitable for semi-automatic cassava chips making line which needs smaller production capacity. Due to smart design, the batch type fryer can fry products in optimal way with efficient particle filtering system. Other outstanding advantage of the batch type fryer is that it is of compact design which occupy small space.
  • The third type is basket type frying machine for cassava chips. This commercial fryer machine often have one to three frying tunnels, while products are put in the basket type. Since most of the processes are done manually, the basket type frying machine is suited for fast food restaurants, street food stands and other small cassava chips making unit.

Cassava Chips Frying Machine Prices

As stated above, there are kinds of cassava chips frying machines. What’s more, all of these commercial fryers can also be customized in sizes, materials, configurations such as different heating systems and so on to meet your specific needs and requirements. So there is no exact price list for cassava chips frying machine. To get exact prices, you can contact our dedicated workers, who will take your needs and requirements into consideration, and design the suitable solutions for you. Only then, can we offer your complete price lists. However, one thing is certain that we focus on the needs of our customers. And we strive to offer quality cassava chips frying machine with reasonable prices. Since all the cassava chips fryers are designed and manufactured in our own factory, we can offer your competitive prices than our competitors.

batch type frying machine for sale
Batch Type Fryer Machine
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Basket Type Fryer for Cassava Chips

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Benefits of Yuca Chips Industrial Fryer

  1. Customer design. While you can choose from our various cassava chips fryers, we can also custom design your cassava chips frying systems to meet your needs and requirements.
  2. Various heating system. All our tapioca chips fryers can use electricity, gas, and steam heating system. You can choose what you want accordingly.
  3. Great flexibility. Except for cassava chips, our industrial frying machines can deep fry a great variety of products, such as potato chips, french fries, banana chips, onion ring chips and other vegetables and fruits. You can simply change your production line from one product to another without extra investment.
  4. Robust design. Our cassava chips frying machines are all built with food grade high quality stainless steels. These make the fryers durable for long time operation. Besides, the stainless steel built also makes it easy to clean and maintain.
  5. Good frying results. With advanced technology, our industrial frying machines allow for precise oil temperature control, fast removal of fines, and adjustable frying time. These ensure you get top frying results with sustainable use of energy.

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