Cassava Washer and Peeler Machine

Cassava washer and peeler machine is used to wash and remove peel of cassavas. Cassava is a cash crop planted in vast areas around the world, and there are many variant names, such as yuca, tapioca, manioc and so on. Due to its unique characteristics, it can be processed in various end products, such as flours, cassava chips, noodles and so on. And in many of these cassava processes, washing and peeing is an easy but important process. Or cassavas are covered with rough peels. Designed with advanced technology, our cassava washing and peeling machine can wash and peel the yuca in an effective and efficient way. If you are in cassava processing business and interested in our machine, please do not hesitate to contact us.

cassava washer and peeler for sale
Cassava Washing and Peeling Machine
yuca wsher and peeler machines for sale
Cassava Washer and Peeler

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Working Principles of Yuca Washer and Peeler

Our cassava chips washing and peeling machines work on abrasion operation.Washing and peeling can be achieved when the cassavas come contact with abrasive material. When it comes to our cassavas washing and peeling equipment, it usually is equipped with several rollers which are covered with abrasive materials. And the abrasive materials can be changed. When washing, nylon materials are used. While when peeling,  the abrasive materials will be changed with corundum material, for it is much harder material which can effective remove peels from cassavas. And optional choice for the cassava washer and peeler is that you can choose shaft types, which can propel the cassavas. Except all these features, the washing and peeling machines are also installed with rinsing devices, which can spray water directly on the products. The spraying water can wash off debris, preventing them from clogging the machines.

Brush Type Washing and Cleaning MachinePower(KW)Size(mm)Capacity(KG/H)Weight(KG)Roller Size(mm)

Advantages of Cassava Washer and Peeler

  1. Tailored design. All our cassavas washer and peeler machines can be customer designed in sizes, materials and so on to meet your needs and requirements.
  2. Robust designs. To deal with hard products such as cassavas, our washing and peeling machines are all built with quality stainless steels. These make the machines not only durable for long time operation but also keep from contamination.
  3. Great flexibility. Except for cassavas, the washer and peeler can wash and peel a great variety of root vegetables effectively and efficiently.
  4. Effective washing and peeling. With different abrasive materials and advanced technology, our cassava washer and peelers can wash and peel the cassavas effectively and efficiently.
  5. Easy cleaning. Every part of the washer and peeler can be easily accessed so that they can be cleaned and maintained without much effort.

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