Working Principle of Potato Chips Vacuum Fryer

Currently, potato chips are a major category in the field of snacks. Walking into the snack area of a supermarket, potato chips with various packages and flavors often occupy a prominent position. Although potato chips are delicious and popular, they have been controversial because they contain more oil. Now, a new frying method-vacuum frying appears, which effectively solves this problem. Below, the editor will take you to know better the potato chip vacuum fryer and its working principle.

Working Principle of Potato Chips Vacuum Fryer

1.Potato Chips Vacuum Fryer

Potato chips vacuum frying machine is fully automatic, with integrated design of heating, frying, oil storage, deoiling, dehydration, and oil filtration. Potato chips have very low oil content, automatic temperature control, no overpressure and no overheating, potato chips After entering the basket, start it with one button, and what awaits you are crispy and delicious potato chips. It has the function of protecting the color of potato chips, and can well preserve the original fragrance of potato chips; the fuel-saving effect is remarkable, the potato chips are crisp but not greasy, and the storage is good.

2.Working Principle of Potato Chips Vacuum Fryer

With the help of the pressure difference, the potato chip vacuum frying machine can accelerate the movement of substance molecules and gas diffusion in potato chips, thereby improving the speed and uniformity of potato chip processing; under high vacuum, the potato chip tissue is reduced due to external pressure. , will produce a certain bulking effect. When vacuum frying, the potato chips are heated in a sealed state, and most of the aromatic components in the raw materials are water-soluble. After the action of the potato chip vacuum fryer, the aromatic components are combined in the oil and cannot be dissolved, and are further concentrated with the dehydration of the raw materials , can well preserve the original fragrance of fresh raw materials.

Compared with the traditional high-temperature frying process, the low-temperature frying process of the potato chips vacuum fryer has great advantages, avoiding the carcinogens caused by high-temperature frying. The potato chip vacuum fryer works in a vacuum state, and integrates frying and deoiling and dehydration, effectively deoiling and dehydrating, so that the oil and water content of potato chips are very low. The processed potato chips have a crisp taste, retain the color, aroma and taste of the potato chips to a large extent, and do not add any additives. It is a delicious and nutritious snack food.

If you want to process vacuum fried potato chips, or learn more about vacuum frying equipment, please feel free to contact our technical engineer. We can develop and customize according to your processing needs.