Commercial Basket Deep Fryer Machine

Commercial basket deep fryer machine is used for frying french fries, potato chips, banana chips, onion ring chips, and other vegetables and fruits with small capacities. As a result, the basket type frying machine is suitable for small scale vegetables and fruits process units, such as fast food restaurants, street food stands, small restaurants, take away shops and cafes. In all, due to it limited production capacity, the commercial deep fryer machine is preferable for restaurants and catering businesses. As a reliable deep fryer machine manufacturer, we can custom design the suited basket type frying machines according to your needs and requirements.

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Basket Type Deep Fryer

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Kinds of Deep Fryers Available

According to the numbers of frying tanks and baskets, the commercial deep fryers can come with one to four tanks. And the more tanks and baskets it has, the more it can fry. In terms of heating system, our commercial deep fryer machine has options for electricity, gas and steam. You can choose what you want. No matter what the heating systems you choose, we design them with both advanced technology and great care. As a result, the heating systems can help you fry products in an effective and efficient way. As for the detailed configurations, they can be designed and manufactured according to your needs and requirements. When it comes to frying products, our commercial deep fryers can fry a great variety of vegetables and fruits, meat and so on. What’s more, take dual tank deep fryer as example, you can fry two kinds of products separately without affect each other.

ModelFryer Tank(mm)Heating Power(kw)Size(mm)

Advantages of Stainless Steel Deep Fryers

  1. Customer design. While you can choose from our variety of deep fryers available, we can also custom design suitable commercial deep frying lines to meet your needs and requirements.
  2. Robust design. Our commercial deep fryer machines are built with quality stainless steels, which make them durable and sanitary.
  3. Great flexibility. As mentioned above, the commercial basket fryer can be used to fry a great variety of products, such as vegetables, fruits meat and pastry,etc.
  4. Ease maintenance. Because of quality built as well smart design, our commercial basket fryer can be cleaned and maintained easily.
  5. Compact design. The commercial fryer is of small footprint, occupying less space.
  6. Reasonable prices. All the commercial deep fryers are designed and manufactured in our own factory, which can ensure you competitive prices.

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