Commercial Broccoli Floret Washing Machine

Commercial broccoli floret washing machine for sale. As a healthy vegetable, broccoli is widely consumed by people all around the world. And broccoli can be found a great variety of cuisine, such as salad, soup and so on. In light of this great popularity, while broccoli can be sell by whole, it also can be sell as cleaned broccoli florets or frozen broccoli florets. The commercial broccoli floret washing machine is designed for washing and cleaning broccoli florets with the forces and actions of water flow. With rich experience and knowledge, we custom design industrial vegetable and fruit washing machine, like broccoli florets washing and cleaning machine, to meet your specific needs.

commercial broccoli floret washing machine
Commercial Broccoli Florets Washing Machine

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Features of Industrial Broccoli Washing Machine

  1. Robust structure. The whole structure of the commercial broccoli washing machine is made of high grade stainless steel, which makes the machine durable and stable.
  2. Innovative design. Equipped with water bubble generator and water spray bars, the industrial broccoli washing machine can wash and clean the broccoli florets with the forces and actions of water flow.
  3. Energy efficiency. Due to innovative design, like water flow devices and filtering system, the commercial broccoli florets washing machine can remove foreign materials from the broccoli florets effectively with sustainable use of water and energy.
  4. Multi-function. Except for broccoli florets, the industrial broccoli florets washer machine can wash and clean a great variety of other vegetables and fruits gently with high performance.
  5. Customized design. Thanks to years of experience, we can design and manufacture broccoli florets washing machines according to your requirements.
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