Commercial Deep Frying Machine

Commercial deep frying machine is industrial fryer used for food processing businesses. These industrial deep fryer can deep fry a great variety of vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood and pastry and so on with great quantity. As a result, it is vital piece of equipment in any food process line which involves frying. For quality deep frying machines, high constant temperature, accurate temperature control, fast removal of fines and accurate frying time are all important factors. For these can ensure superior end products with sustainable use of energy. As a professional manufacturer of commercial deep fryers, Gelgoog can offer your customized ones to meet your specific needs and requirements.

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Commercial Continuous Deep Fryer

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Kinds of Industrial Deep Fryers Available

  1. According to heating system, there are gas deep fryers, electric deep frying machines, and steam fryers. In fact, all the heating systems of our commercial deep frying machines can be tailor made according to your needs.
  2. In line with automatic level, there are fully automatic deep fryers, semi-automatic ones and manual ones. And as the names imply, automatic commercial deep fryers can deep fry products on their own, while semi-automatic deep frying machines need the help of human labor, and manual deep fryers need human labors all along to operate them.
  3. As for the shapes, there are automatic continuous frying machines, batch type deep fryer, and basket deep frying machines. The continuous deep fryers can deep fry products non stop. As a result, it is suitable for automatic food frying lines. For batch type deep frying machines, they fry products one batch after another. With the batches inside the frying pan, the fried produce can ensure consistent frying quality. And the batch type deep fryer is preferable for medium and small scale food frying lines. As for the basket type deep fryer, it often has one to three frying tanks, while products are fried in stainless steel baskets. For it can fry products manually, the basket deep frying machine can be used in small restaurants, fast food restaurants, take-away, and street food stands and so on.
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    Batch Type Deep Fryer Machine
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    Small Deep Frying Machine

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Applications of Commercial Deep Frying Machines

According to different types, the deep fryers can be used for different situations. Besides, these deep frying machines commercial can deep fry a great many vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood, and pastry. To name a few, potato chips, french fries, banana chips, onion rings, cassava chips, chicken nuggets, peanuts, fish skin, donuts and so on.

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