Commercial Fryers for Sale

Commercial fryers and industrial frying equipment for sale. Commercial fryer is vital for various vegetables and fruits processing lines. Compared with deep fryer for home use, industrial deep frying machines are usually used in food production factories, canteens, restaurants, street food stands and other small food processing unit. For the commercial fryers can deep fry a great quantities of products. As a professional manufacturer of commercial fryers, we can provide tailored frying lines to meet your needs and requirements. No matter what kind of raw materials you want to deep fry, we are confident to provide you custom designed commercial fryers for you.

french fries frying machine for sale

French Fries Frying Machine

French fries frying machine, also known as french fries fryer machine,  is designed for deep frying french fries. As a reliable manufacturer of frying machines, we provide various finger chips frying machines for commercial use. Specifically speaking, our industrial french ...
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golgappa frying machine prices

Pani Puri Frying Machine

Pani puri, also known as golgappa, is a popular snack in countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. It is of round shape with hollow center, which is often filled with chili, onion or other ingredients. Our commercial pani puri ...
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industrial pork rinds frying line

Pork Rinds Frying Machine

Pork rind is the culinary name of pig skin. And there are also other names for the skin of pigs, like pork crackings, pork scratchings, scrunchions, Chischarrones and so on. Deep fried pig skin is not only a popular snack, ...
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fava beans frying line

Fava Bean Frying Line

Industrial fava beans frying line is designed to deep fry premium broad beans with large quantity. Fava bean is also known as broad bean and faba bean. As a versatile product, broad bean can be cooked in various ways in ...
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durian crispy fryer machine

Durian Chips Deep Fryer

Durian chips deep fryer is used to deep fry thin sliced unripe durian into crispy durian chips. While durian is loved by some, and loathed by some. As snack food, durian chips enjoy unanimous favorite among people of all ages ...
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fried chicken fryer machines

Chicken Deep Fryer Machine

Fried chicken is widely consumed by people all around the world. Chicken deep fryer machine can deep fry chicken products for commercial use. With advanced technology, our industrial chicken frying machine can deep fry chicken nuggets and other forms of ...
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Types of Industrial Fryer Machines 

There are kinds of commercial fryers available in our factory. Generally, there are three kinds of commercial fryers: continuous frying machines, commercial batch type fryer and commercial basket deep fryer. And according to heating systems, all these commercial fryers can be powered by gas, electricity, and steam. Among these commercial electric fryer is more popular, for electricity is easy to use. In line with the scales, commercial fryers can be divided into small commercial fryers like batch type deep fryer and basket deep fryer, and large scale commercial frying machines like automatic continuous frying machines. As for production capacity, the commercial continuous fryer machine produce the largest capacity, the batch type fryer the second, and the basket fryer the smallest capacity.

quality vegetable frying machines for sale

Automatic Continuous Frying Machine

Automatic industrial continuous frying machine is used to fry potato chips, french fries, peanuts, onions, chicken meats and many other ...
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industrial batch type frying machine manufacturer

Batch Type Fryer Machine

Batch type fryer machine in our factory is also known as round type frying machine for its round fryer pan ...
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vacuum deep fryer machine manufacturer

Stainless Steel Vacuum Fryer Machine

Stainless steel vacuum fryer machine is special deep fryer inside a vacuum chamber. The vacuum fryer can be used to ...
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commercial basket fryer machines for sale

Commercial Basket Deep Fryer Machine

Commercial basket deep fryer machine is used for frying french fries, potato chips, banana chips, onion ring chips, and other ...
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Features of Industrial Deep Fryer

1.Robust design. The industrial frying machines are all built with quality food grade stainless steels, which make the industrial fryers durable for long time operation.
2.Easy cleaning. Except for the stainless steel built, the industrial food frying equipment is specially designed so that every part of the commercial fryer is easily accessible, allowing for quick cleaning and thorough maintenance.
3.Great flexibility. The industrial use frying machines can be used to fry a great amount of products, like french fries, potato chips, banana chips, cassava chips, chicken nuggets, peanuts, fish skins and so on. This great versatility makes the commercial fryers great investments for you.
4.Top end products. For fried products, constant high temperature of oil and accurate frying time are essential for the quality of end products. With advanced technology, our commercial fryers can meet high standards, ensuring superior quality of end fried products.
5.Energy efficiency. Only good finished fried products are not enough, we also emphasize the sustainable use of energy. With effective filtering system and smart designs, our commercial fryer machines can remove particles quickly, prolong the life of oil and preserving the quality of end products.

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