Commercial Green Peas Fryer Machine

Fried green peas are popular snack foods as well as side dishes around the world, especially in Asia. While there are several machines in the green peas frying line, the green peas fryer machine is vital piece of machine. For the quality of finished fried green peas is mainly determined by the deep fryer. Constant temperature of frying and precise frying time of the green peas fryer can produce superior fried green peas with sustainable use of oil and energy. With advanced technology, our commercial green peas fryer machines are of great performance that help you obtain top end products with energy efficiency. Thanks to years of experience, we can customized green peas frying machines to meet your specific needs and requirements.

commerical green peas fryer machine
Continuous Green Peas Fryer

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Kinds of Industrial Green Peas Deep Fryers

Automatic Continuous Green Peas Frying Machine

The automatic continuous green peas fryer is often integral part of automatic fried green peas production line. As a result, continuous green peas fryer machine is suitable for large scale fried green peas frying line, for it can deep fry large quantity of green peas. And there is no need for many human labors.

Batch Type Green Peas Fryer Machine

Batch type green peas fryer is suitable for medium and small scale fried green peas making lines. For you can only deep fry a certain quantity of green peas at a time. And inside the deep fryer, there are several batches which can constantly stir the green peas, insuring consistent frying results. After frying, this green peas fryer machine can automatically discharge the fried green beans, ready for another round of frying.

Commercial Basket Type Green Peas Deep Fryer

Of all three deep fryer, this type of green peas frying machine has the smallest production capacity. So it is preferable for small fried green peas frying units, such as restaurants, canteens and so on. This commercial green peas fryer often comes with one to four frying tanks. And human labors are needed to feed and lift the materials.

green peas fryer machine manufacturer
Commerical Green Peas Frying Machine
green peas fryer machine
Basket Type Green Peas Deep Fryer

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Benefits of Commercial Green Peas Frying Machine

1.Robust design. All our industrial green peas frying machines are made of stainless steels, which make the commercial deep fryers durable for long time operation.
2.Sanitary design. Except for the stainless steel built, our green peas deep fryer commercial are specially designed so that every part of the frying machine can be easily accessed, cleaned and maintained. For sanitation is vital in any food processing lines.
3.Superior end products. With advanced technology, the green peas deep fryers commercial can maintain constant frying temperature and frying results, control precise frying time, and remove particles fast. All these ensure you get superior fried green peas.
4.Less energy consumption. Obtaining quality fried green peas is not enough, we also ensure the green peas frying machines are energy efficiency. So all the green peas deep fryers commercial are equipped with effective filtering system, maintaining the quality of oil. As for the heating system, the green peas fryer machines can use gas,electricity and steam.
5.Great versatility. In fact, the commercial fryers can not only deep fry green peas, but also can fry a great many of other nuts, vegetables and fruits, pastry, meat and so on. And this great versatility allows you to change from one process line to anther easily.

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