Commercial Onion Frying Machine

Our commercial onion frying machine is used to fry onion rings or simply fried onion. As for onion ring chip, it is a popular snack food enjoyed by people of all ages around the world. For fried onion, it is an important ingredient for a great variety of foods and cuisines. So needs for onion processing businesses are rising. And the onion frying line is vital part of fried onion manufacturing plant. As a professional commercial frying machine manufacturer, we provide types of quality fryer machines for fried onion. Please feel free to contact us, if you want to expand your onion frying line or want to set up fired onion making business.

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Onion Rings Fryer Machine

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This is the Onion ring frying production line working video:

Kinds of Onion Frying Machines

Mainly, there are three types of industrial frying machines available in our factory.

  1. Automatic continuous frying machine. It can make fried onion with large production capacity. Besides, the onion rings continuous fryer machine can produce fried onion with consistent quality. With advanced technology,this continuous frying machine allows for precise temperature control and fast fine removal. This ensures that you can get premium fried onions with sustainable use of oil and energy during the frying process.
  2. Batch type onion ring frying machine. The commercial batch type fryer often comes with round pan shape. Inside the frying chamber, there are several batches, which can stir the fried onions constantly during the frying process. As it can fry limited amount of onions for one time, the batch type frying machine can be used for small fried onion making plants with small production capacity. Equipped with control panels, the batch type onion fryers also allow you to control oil temperature and frying time.
  3. Basket type fryer machine for onion frying. This type of fryer machine is often used for small food restaurants, street food stands and other small scale onion frying lines. For most of the work of frying onions with this the basket type fryer machine should be done by human labor. Human labor feed the raw materials into the frying tanks, check the frying situation constantly, lift the products up after frying, and drain off extra oil from the products.
    commercial batch type frying machines for sale
    Batch Type Onion Fryer
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    Small Fried Onion Fryer

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Advantages of Fried Onion Fryer Machine

  1. Tailor made. No matter what kind of frying machine you want, we can customer design the onion frying machines according to your needs in size, material, heating system, and other configuration.
  2. Easy operation. Our onion frying machines are equipped with PLC system, so that you can operate and monitor the frying process easily.
  3. Quality materials. Our fried onion fryer machines are all built with quality food grade stainless steels. As a result, they can work for long time without deformation, which turn out to be great investment for you.
  4. Sanitary design. Except for the stainless steel design, our onion fryer machines are specially designed so that they allow for quick cleanness and thorough maintenance. For sanitation is important for food processing.
  5. Good frying results and less energy use. With advanced technology,our onion frying machines allow for precise oil temperature control, adjustable frying time setting, quick removal of residues. All these ensure you get quality products with economical use of energy.

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