Commercial Salad Processing Line

Commercial salad processing line is designed for producing large quantity of salads with high efficiency. As a healthy diet, salad is widely consumed and enjoyed by people all over the world. And to meet people’s desire of healthy and convenient, more and more food processors produce packaged salad with various veggies and fruits for sell. From trimming, cutting, washing, drying to packing, our commercial salad process line is the answer for the rising demand of packed salads. With extensive experience and knowledge, Gelgoog can offer tailored solutions for customer requirements.

commercial salad processing line
Salad Washing Line

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Spring Mix Salad Making Process

The complete salad processing line consist of following machines like: industrial vegetable cutter, industrial vegetable washing machine, ambient air drying machine, and vegetable packing machine.

1.Reception of raw materials. Qualified leafy vegetables and other veggie and fruits arrive in reception area, waiting for sorting and inspection.
2.Trimming. The spring mix salads are trimmed, such as remove stems, separate leaves and so on.
3.Washing. This is the first stage of washing, which can wash and clean the dirt, stone and other foreign materials from the salads.
4.Cutting. The spring mix salad is cut into strips, slices or other sizes according to customer needs.
5.Washing. This second time washing process can wash light foreign materials from the salads.
6.Dewatering and drying. With dewatering machine and ambient air drying machine, extra water is removed from the salads.
7.Weighing and packing. The dewatered salads can be weighed and packed with automatically and accurately with multi-head weighing and packing machine.

Benefits of Leafy Vegetable Salad Process Line

1.Great flexibility. The salad processing line can be used to process a great variety of leafy vegetables and delicate fruits, making it great investment.
2.Easy operation. The whole line is controlled by central panel, as a result, fewer workers are needed.
3.Easy cleaning and maintenance. Designed and manufactured carefully, the whole machinery for salad process line is easy to clean and maintain, reducing maintenance costs.
4.Customized solution. With rich experience, Gelgoog can customize the salad processing lines to meet customer needs and requirements.
Robust structure. All the essential parts of the machines in the spring salad processing line are made of 304 stainless steel to meet hygienic requirements.

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