Commercial Taro Chips Frying Machine

Like potatoes and cassavas, taros are also root vegetables with versatile uses. And taro chip is one of its multiple cooking styles. Both as snacks and side dishes, taro root chips are very popular among people of all ages around the world. Our commercial taro chips frying machine can deep fry thin slices of taro root into crispy and tasty taro chips. While you can choose from various taro chips deep fryers available in our factory, we can also custom design taro chips frying lines to suit your needs and requirements.

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Continuous Taro Chips Fryer Machine

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Automatic Continuous Taro Chips Fryer

This automatic taro chips frying machine can deep fry a great quantity of taro slices non-stop. So it is suitable for large scale taro chips frying lines. Besides, the automatic taro root chips fryer uses water-oil mixing technology, which can remove particles quickly and use oil in a sustainable way. What’s more, with two layers of mesh belt inside the frying chamber, the taro chips are put in between, ensuring consistent frying quality of the end products.

Batch Type Taro Crispy Frying Machine

With the shapes of large round pot, the batch type deep fryer can fry taro chips with limited amounts at a time. Therefore, the batch type frying machines is preferable for medium and small scale taro chips production lines. Inside the frying pan, there are batches which constantly stir the taro chips so that they can be deep fried with consistent frying results.

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Taro Chips Batch Type Fryer

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Basket Commercial Deep Fryer for Taro Root Chips

Compared with other two frying machines, this one has the smallest frying capacity. As a result, it can be used for restaurants. Fast food chains, take away stores and other mini taro chips making units. Having one to three frying tanks, the basket deep fryer can fry different products at a time without affecting each other.

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Commercial Taro Chips Fryer

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Features of Taro Chips Frying Machines

1.Various heating systems. For the taro chips frying machines, they can use gas, electricity and steam heating systems. So you can choose the suitable one for you.
2.High grade materials. The taro chips frying machines are all built with quality stainless steels, which make the fryers durable and sanitary.
3.Easy cleaning. Sanitation is vital for taro chips making. While the stainless steel built can reduce contamination, the deep fryers are specially designed so that they allow for easy cleaning and quick maintenance.
4.Superior end results. For frying machines, constant high temperature and accurate frying time are essential for good frying results. With advanced technology, our deep frying machines can reach these standards. And we constantly strive to improve technology to innovate better and smarter ways for frying machines.
5.Energy efficiency. Only top end product is not enough, for we understand customer’s needs in lowing energy consumption. To answer this call, we design and manufacture the taro chips frying machines carefully. With effective filtering system and energy system, the taro chips frying machines can use energy in a sustainable way.
6.Easy operation. With control panel, the taro root chips fryers are easy to operate and monitor, saving efforts as well as human labor.

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