Dewatering Machine

Dewatering machine is also known as drying machine and dehydrator machine. In potato chips or french fries making line, the dehydrating machine is often situated between blancher and air drying machine. It is used to dry the potato product before being fried. This can raise the quality of chips and french fries after frying, making them crispy. Our potato chips and french fry drying machine ensure high quality end result with great sustainability. And we offer your tailored dryer machines according to your needs.

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Dehydration Machine
vibrator dewatering machine for potato chips and french fries
Vibrator Type Dehydrating Machine

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Types of French Fries and Chips Dryer Machines

Generally, there are two kinds of dehydrating machines for potato chips and french fries. One is vibrator type with steel belt conveyor, which is often used in automatic production line for potato chips and french fries.  And the other one is drum type dehydrator, which is usually in small scale process line. When the blanched hot potato chips or fries arrive on the vibrating belt dryer, the vibration of the machine can help remove extra water, making it ready for next air drying process. For drum type dewatering machine, it dewaters the potato products by means of centrifugal force.


Benefits of Dehydrating Machine for Chips and French Fries

  1. Robust and clean design. All our drying machines are made of stainless steels, which not only make the machines durable, but also sanitary for food processing.
  2. Minimum maintenance. Our potato chips and french fries dewatering machine are specially designed so that they allow for quick cleanness and thorough maintenance.
  3. Competitive prices. All our dehydrator machines are designed and manufactured in our own factory, saving you from third party fees.
  4. Good result with high efficiency. Our dewatering machines can dried the blanched potato chips and french fries in an effective and efficient way.
  5. Great flexibility. Except for potato chips and french fries, our dewatering machine can also be used in other vegetables and fruits process lines. And they can even be used to defatting fried products.

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