Durian Chips Deep Fryer

Durian chips deep fryer is used to deep fry thin sliced unripe durian into crispy durian chips. While durian is loved by some, and loathed by some. As snack food, durian chips enjoy unanimous favorite among people of all ages. For there is no strong amour, instead the durian chips taste sweet and crispy. As a result, there is high demand for durian chips around chips, just like other snack foods with exotic flavor. When it comes to deep frying, high constant oil temperature and accurate frying time are essential. As a professional manufacturer and supplier of durian chips fryer machines, we can design and manufacture commercial frying equipment according to your needs and requirements. Please feel free to contact us.

durian crispy fryer machine
Durian Chips Deep Fryer Commercial

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Durian Crisp Frying Machines Available

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial frying machines, we design and engineer a great variety of deep fryers. In general, there are several kinds of deep fryers for durian chips making. Namely, there are automatic continuous frying machines, basket commercial deep fryers, batch type fryer equipment, vacuum frying machines and so on.According to automatic level, there are fully automatic deep fryer like automatic continuous fryer, vacuum frying machine. As for semi automatic ones, there are batch type durian chips frying machines. And finally, the manual one is commercial basket deep fryer. In term of heating systems, they all can use gas, electricity and steam as the energy. Actually, all these frying lines for durian chips can be customized in every details to suit your needs and requirements. As a result, the prices for durian chips frying machines can vary form each other for their different configurations.

commercial durain chips frying machine
Commercial Durian Crispy Fryer
fried durain chips fryer machine
Durian Chips Fryer Machine

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Features of Durian Chips Frying Equipment

1.Robust designs. The durian chips frying machines in our factory are made of high quality food grade stainless steels, which make them durable for long time operation.
2.Top frying results. Equipped with advanced technology, the durian crisps deep fryers can ensure high constant oil temperature, accurate frying time and adjustable frying speed and fast removal of particles. All these ensure superior end products.
3.Low energy. Nowadays, customers not only pursue high quality end products but also sustainable use of energy. To meet customer’s wants, we are energy awareness so that we design them carefully with advanced technology. As a result, our durian chips frying machines use energy in a sustainable way.
4.Easy cleaning. Sanitation is crucial for food processing. Taking this into consideration, our deep fryers are easy to clean and maintain, for each part of the machines can be easily accessed.
5.Great flexibility. Except for durian chips, our commercial deep fryers can deep fry a great variety of vegetables, fruits, meat and pastry and so on. This makes the deep fryers great investment, and you can easily change you process line from one to another.

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