Eggplant Frying Machine

Fried eggplant is not only a healthy food, but also delicious cuisine with crunch tasting. As a result, it is of high demand in restaurants , canteens and so on. Our eggplant frying machines are for commercial use, allowing you to fry eggplants with large capacity for your end consumers. Eggplant fryer machines in our factory can fry eggplants with crispy texture as well as good color. What’s more, the eggplant fryers can use energy in a sustainable way. If you want to set up eggplant frying businesses, please do not hesitate to contact us.

eggplant frying machine
Eggplant Fryer Commercial

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Automatic Continuous Eggplant Fryer

This automatic continuous fryer can fry eggplants with great capacity, suitable for large scale eggplant frying lines. With automatic control system, the continuous fryer can ensure constant high temperature, fast removal of fines and adjustable frying time. The end result is that you get superior frying eggplant with low energy consumption. This eggplant comes with different sizes and can be powered by gas as well as electricity.

eggplant fryer in factory
Eggplant Deep Fryer Commercial
eggplant frying line
Eggplant Frying Machine

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Batch Type Eggplant Frying Machine

Inside the eggplant fryer, there are batches which can constantly stir the eggplants to ensure frying consistency. And the batch fryer can only fry one batch of eggplants after another, which makes it suitable for medium and small eggplant frying lines. With efficient filtering system, the batch fryer for eggplants can ensure purity of oil as well as the quality of end products.

Commercial Crispy Eggplant Basket Deep Fryer

Commercial basket deep fryer can fry limited amount of eggplants at a time. For the basket deep fryers often have one to three frying tanks. And this fryer needs more manual work than the other two fryers. So this commercial deep fryer is suitable for small restaurants, street food stands and so on.

Features of Eggplant Deep Fryer

1.Robust designs. Built with quality food grade stainless steels, the eggplant frying machines are of great durability, making them great investments.
2.Great flexibility. Except for eggplants, the commercial frying machines actually can fry a great variety of products, such as french fries, potato chips, banana chips, cassava chips, peanuts and so on. This versatility allows you to change production lines easily or set up multiple process lines with one set of machines.
3.Tailor made. The eggplant frying machines can be tailored made in every aspects to meet your needs and requirements. A suitable frying line is vital for the success of your fried eggplant making business.
4. Easy cleaning. Except for the stainless steel built, the eggplant fryers are easy to clean and maintain for they are built with great accessibility.

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