Fava Bean Frying Line

Industrial fava beans frying line is designed to deep fry premium broad beans with large quantity. Fava bean is also known as broad bean and faba bean. As a versatile product, broad bean can be cooked in various ways in different regions. And deep frying of fava beans is one of the favorite processing method. For deep fried fava beans can serve both as popular snack food as well as side dish. Our fava bean frying line can deep fry a great variety of broad beans with high quality and sustainable use of energy. As a professional manufacturer of commercial fryers, we can provide tailored solutions for your fried broad bean making business. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

fava beans frying line
Broad Bean Continuous Fryer

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Process for Making Fried Broad Beans

Soaking – Peeling/Spliting -Air drying – Frying – Deoiling -Flavoring – Packing

Types of Industrial Broad Beans Frying Machines

1.Faba beans automatic continuous deep fryer
This continuous fryer machine can deep fry a great quantities of broad beans with high quality. So it is suitable for large scale fried broad beans making lines. And using water-oil mixing technology, the automatic frying machines for broad beans can use energy in a sustainable way. What’s more, with automatic oil temperature control, adjustable frying time, the broad beans frying line can ensure superior quality of end products.
2.Semi-automatic deep fryer for fried fava beans
with batches inside the frying pan, the broad beans inside can be constantly stir to ensure consistent frying quality. Due to the fact that it can only deep fry limited amount of broad beans at a time, the deep fryer is preferable for medium and small scale fried broad beans making business.
3.Broad bean basket frying machine
Commercial basket frying machines come with one to three frying tanks. In light of this, it is suitable for small deep fried broad beans making units, like restaurants, street food stands, and other small food processing lines. This deep fryer for fava beans is manual, for it needs human labor to put and lift the products in the hot oil.

broad beans frying line machines
Batch Type Fava Beans Fryer
Fava beans frying machine
Commercial Broad Beans Deep Fryer

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Features of Fava Beans frying machines

1.Custom design. No matter which kind of deep fryer you choose, we can customize them to meet your needs.
2.Various heating systems. All the frying machines for broad beans can use gas, electricity and steam heating systems. You can choose the suitable one for you.
3.Robust designs. Our fava beans frying equipment is made of food grade high quality stainless steels, which make the machines durable and sanitary.
4.Easy cleaning. Sanitation is vital for food processing. Taking these into consideration,our fava beans frying machines are designed carefully so that they can be easily cleaned and maintained.
5.Quality end products. With advanced technology, the broad beans frying machines can maintain constant high oil temperature, remove particle quickly, and adjust frying time. All these ensure that you get high quality fried broad beans.

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