Fish Skin Chips Continuous Deep Fryer 

Automatic fish skin continuous frying machine manufacturer in China. Crunchy fish skin snack foods are new favorites, and are now widely consumed around the world by people of all ages. Crispy fish skin chips are not only delicious but also healthy, for fish skins are packed with Omega-3s. So popular these fish skins are, there are a variety of flavors available for the fish skin. And they can also be processed with many other materials, such as salted egg fish skin, which is very popular right now. Our automatic fish skin chips continuous frying machine is suitable for large scale fish skins manufacturing plant with great production capacities. Stainless steel fish skin chips continuous fryer is perfect for fish skin frying line. For the deep fryer can ensure high constant temperature of oil, remove particles quickly and effectively, and ensure accurate frying time. All these combined ensure you get quality fried fish skin chips with low energy consumption.

continuous frying machine for fish skin
Continuous Fish Skin Fryer Machine

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Features of Fish Skin Deep Frying Machines

1.Various heating systems available. Our automatic frying machine for fish skin chips can use electricity, gas and steam as heating materials. You can choose what you want.
2.Great versatility. The fish skin frying machine can not only deep fish skins, but also deep fry a great many of other vegetables, fruits and meat, seafood and so on. This great flexibility makes the fryer a great investment for you. For you can produce many varieties products with just one machine.
3.Top end products with less energy. With advanced technology, the automatic continuous fryer machine can fry fish skins and other products with good results, while at the same time use energy in a sustainable way.
4.Sanitary design. With stainless steel design,the continuous frying machine is easy to clean with less contamination. Besides, due to smart design, every part of the machine can be easily accessed. For example,the hood and the mesh belt of the continuous frying machine can be lifted up and down.
5.Consistent frying results. When it comes to frying, the fish skins are put between two layers of mesh belt conveyors, so that they can not float away and ensure consistent frying quality.

frying machine for fish skin chips
Batch Type Fish Skin Fryer
fish skin chips frying machine
Basket Commercial Fryer for Fish Skin

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Fish Skin Continuous Fryer Manufacturer

As a reliable manufacturer and supplier of frying machine, we design and engineer a great many of deep fryer for fish skins according to customer’s needs and requirements. For example, there are batch type fish skin fryer, basket deep frying machine for fish skin and automatic fish skin chips continuous fryer. All these frying machines for fish skins can be customized in every aspect to meet your wants. We designed top quality fish skin frying line solution for satisfying different capacity demands: 200–1200kg/h. In fact, except for fish skins, our stainless steel frying machines can be used to fry a great variety of vegetables, fruits and meat and pastry and so on. With quality frying equipment, you can get top end products with sustainable use of energy.

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