Flavoring Machine

Flavoring machine is also known as seasoning mixing machine or flavor dosing machine. It is used to spray oil and other additives on snacks for flavoring. In potato chips and french fries processing line, flavoring machine is often positioned before packaging machine. The flavor dosing machine can add a wide range of flavorings to the end products to meet the needs of customers. Designed with great care and high technology, our seasoning mixer machine can add a variety of flavorings evenly on the chips and french fries, ensuring attractive end products.

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Types of Flavoring Machines Available

In term of automation, we provide both semi-automatic and fully automatic flavoring machines for chips and french fry making business. And while the semi-automatic one is suitable for small potato processing businesses, automatic one is preferable for larger scale businesses with greater capacity. The semi-automatic flavor adding machine need human labor to spread oil and additives. But for automatic seasoning machine, equipped with dispensing system, it can add the flavors automatically. When it comes to the shapes of flavoring machines, there are mainly two kinds: the flavoring drum type and flavoring roller type. And these seasoning mixing machines can configured to your specific needs in production capacity and so on. Contact us for more detailed information.

ModelDrum Diameter(mm)Drum Length (mm)Duster Power(mm)Rotating Power(kw)Size(mm)

Features of Seasoning Machine

  1. Optimum end product. Equipped with advanced flavor dosing system, our flavor dosing machine can add measured flavors accurately on the potato chips and french fries. Besides, the angles of the flavoring drum can be adjusted, ensuring consistent and uniform flavoring.
  2. Robust design. Our seasoning dosing machines are all build with stainless steels. This makes the machine not only durable, but also can ensure minimal maintenance.
  3. Sanitary design. Except for the stainless steel design, the seasoning machine is also specially designed so that every part can be easily assessed and cleaned. For we know sanitation for food is very important.
  4. Versatile use. Except for potato chips and french fries, the seasoning machine can be used to season other snacks.

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