French Fries Frying Machine

French fries frying machine, also known as french fries fryer machine,  is designed for deep frying french fries. As a reliable manufacturer of frying machines, we provide various finger chips frying machines for commercial use. Specifically speaking, our industrial french fry fryer machines are suitable for french fries production lines and frozen finger chips plants. Good finger chips fryer machine can give fries a good texture and long shelf life. If you want set up french fries frying line or expand your existing finger chips frying businesses, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated workers for more information.

french fries frying machine for sale
Continuous Deep Fryer for French Fries

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Kinds of French Fries Frying Machines

According to automatic level, there are french fries automatic fryer machines and semi-automatic ones. For example, the finger chip continuous frying machine is automatic one, which is suitable for large scale french fries making plant. As for batch type fryer for french fries, although it is automatic, it can only process one batch after another. This determines that it is suitable for small finger chips line. Finally, when it comes to semi-automatic french fries fryer machine, it is often of basket type, with more than one oil tank to fry french fries. Due to its features, it is suitable for fast food restaurants, street food stands and other small french fries frying plant.

batch type frying machine commercial
Batch Type Fryer for French Fries
commercial basket fryer machines for sale
Basket Type French Fries Fryer

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Features of French Fry Fryer

  1. Great versatility. In fact, our french fry fryer can not only fry french fries, but also other vegetables and fruits, like potato chips, banana chips, onion rings and so on.
  2. Robust design. All of our french fries frying machines are made of high quality food grade stainless steels. These make the fryers durable for long time operation with less down time.
  3. Good frying results. With advanced technology, our fryer machine can realize uniform cooking with constant high temperature and adjustable frying time.
  4. Economical use of oil and energy. For customers, obtaining quality fried french fries is not enough. For the frying process should use water, oil and energy in a sustainable way. With latest technology, our french fry frying machine can realize both goals.
  5. Easy cleanness and maintenance. Sanitation is important in french fries making plant. So when we design and manufacture our frying machines, we make sure each part of the machines easy to access, allowing for quick and thorough maintenance.
  6. Easy installation and set up. All the main parts of our french fries fryer machines are pre-assembled, which allows for easy and quick installation and set up.
  7. Easy operation. The french fries fryers are controlled by PLC system, which make them easy to operate.

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