French Fries Making Machine

French fries making machine includes a complete set of machinery to produce crispy french fries from fresh potatoes. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, gelgoog can offer your french fry making machines with high efficiency and performance. From initial sorting and grading of the potatoes to packing the final products, we have specific machines for these processes. We design and manufacture each piece of equipment carefully with high technology, so that the whole process line for french fries can work smoothly and efficiently. Whether you want individual machines or complete production line for your french fry making business, we offer you the best suitable ones according to your needs and requirements. As a reliable manufacture of french fries making machine, we ensure that you will get high quality equipment with great performance and competitive prices.

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Equipment for French Fry Making

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Kinds of French Fry Manufacturing Machines

When it comes to manufacturing line for french fry, there are automatic one and semi-automatic one. Automatic french fries processing line is consist of connected french fry maker machines, which can work continuously and automatically. While semi-automatic ones still need human labor to finish the whole manufacturing process. And the automatic process line is usually large in scale, suitable for french fry making business with large capacity needs. While the semi-automatic one is smaller in scale, preferable for small french fry making line. As for the individual french fries manufacturing machines, there are several kinds of machines according to the making processes. For example, there are sorting and grading machine, potato washing and peeling machine, french fry cutter, drying machine, blanching machine, french fry frying machine, deoiling and cooling machine, flavoring machine, packaging machine and product handling machine.

Potato French Fry Manufacturing Process

A complete manufacturing line for french fries includes the following processes. Firstly, the potatoes are sorted and graded so as to eliminate the unsuitable ones. This process can done both by machine and manually. Secondly, the chosen potatoes are washed and peeled by our efficient potato washing and peeling machine with minimum damage. Thirdly, the peeled potatoes are cut into strips by our cutting machine with adjustable thickness. Fourthly, the cut potatoes are blanched in our fry blanching machine, eliminating potential bacteria and preserving desirable color. Fifthly, the blanched potato strips are dried, removing the extra water on the surface before being fried. Sixth, dried potato strips are deep fried in our french fry frying machine with constant high temperature. Seventh, after frying, the potato french fries are de-oiled and cool down so that they can become crispy and ready for next processes. Eighth, the fries will be added with different flavors evenly by our seasoning machine. And finally, the crispy potato french fries are packed with packaging machine. In addition, if you want to produce frozen french fries, the processing line can be also expanded with freezing installation.

Industrial French Fries Maker Machine Price

Want to buy cheap french fries making machine online? You can come to us for help. As a reliable manufacturer and supplier of french fries maker machine, we are dedicated to providing quality french fry maker machines for customers with competitive prices. We have our own french fries making machine factory, our own sales team and customer service team. All these one-stop services can free you from tedious work and save you a lot of third party fees. Besides, since the prices can vary for different french fry making machine, you can consult with us to convey your needs and requirements. As a result, we can offer your the best suitable solution for you with top machines. And then we can provide you with price lists for your specific french fries production line.

French Fries Making Machine Manufacturer

Gelgoog is a leading manufacturer and supplier of french fries manufacturing machine in China. From initial consulting to smooth operation of the machines, we offer all around services for customers so that you can have the best suited process line or individual machines for your french fries production business. And to control the quality of our machines, we build them all in our own french fries making machine factory. With experienced engineer and dedicated workers, we constantly improve our technology to meet the needs of customers in both top quality of the final product and the efficient use of energy in the process. Thanks to our rich experience and knowledge, we can offer you customized turnkey solutions for your french fry making line, as well as provide robust stand-alone french fry maker machines.

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