Fried Green Peas Production Line

Fried green peas production line is process line to make fried green peas. Fried salted green peas are popular snack foods and side dishes in many countries and regions. In the green peas frying line, there is a set of fried green peas making machinery, which can produce tasty fried green peas from fresh green peas. Thanks to years of experience and knowledge, we can custom design green peas frying lines to meet your needs and requirements.

industrial green peas frying machinery
Green Peas Frying Line

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Types of Green Peas Frying Lines

According to automatic level, there are fully automatic green peas frying lines as well as semi-automatic ones. Usually, the fully automatic fried green peas line is suitable for large scale fried green peas making businesses, while semi-automatic ones are preferable for medium and small scale green peas making lines. As a central piece machine, different green peas fryer commercial is used. In automatic green peas production line, the automatic continuous green peas fryer is used, for the continuous fryer can deep fry green peas in large quantity non-stop. As for semi-automatic green peas frying line, batch type frying machine is applied. And in mini fried green peas making units, basket type deep fryer commercial is suitable.

Fried Green Peas Making Process

Soaking and sorting: The fresh green peas should be soaked for 8 to 12 hour before be processed. And the soaking time can vary for different kinds of green peas. At the stage, defected green peas should be removed to ensure the quality of end products.
Dewatering: Excess water is removed from soaked green peas in this process. For excess water can impact the frying results of green peas.
Frying: Dewatered green peas are deep fried in this process, making the green peas crunchy and tasty.
Deoiling: After frying, there is excess oil on the surface of fried green peas. The deoiling process can drain off extra oil, making the fried green peas less fatty and crispy.
Flavoring: The flavoring process add flavors to plain fried green peas, giving the fried green peas different flavors.
Packing:The flavored green peas are ready for packaging. Packing can prolong the shelf life of fried green peas.

Industrial Green Peas Making Machines

According to the green peas making processes, there are corresponding machines in green peas production lines.
Dewatering machine: Working on centrifugal force, our dewatering machine can effectively remove extra water from the soaked green peas.
Deep fryer: The green peas frying machine can make top fried green peas with constant frying temperature, adjustable frying time and effective filtering systems.
Deoiling machine: The deoiling machine remove excess oil on fried green peas. And it works the same way as the dewatering machine.
Flavoring machine: The green peas flavoring machine can work automatically and spread seasons on fried green peas.
Packaging machine: Our automatic green peas packaging machine can pack fried green peas effectively and efficiently.

Features of Green Peas Making Lines

1.Quality materials. All the green peas making machines are made of high quality stainless steels, which make the machines durable and suitable for long time stable operation.
2.Sanitary operation. Sanitation is vital for food processing lines. Taking this into consideration, we design the green peas making machines with great care. Except for the stainless steels, the green peas making machines are special designed so that they can be easily cleaned and maintained.
3.Top end products. With quality green peas making machines, the green peas frying line can produce high quality green peas. For the green peas deep fryers, they can ensure accurate frying temperature and time, and remove particles effectively.
4.Energy efficiency. For customer, obtaining top green peas is not enough, the green peas frying line should also use less energy. To meet this demand, we constantly strive to innovate and improve technology. As a result, our green peas production line can produce top fried green peas with sustainable use of energy. And both gas and electricity frying systems are available.
5.Customized design. Due to years of experience, we can provide tailored green peas frying lines to meet your needs and requirements. And the green peas making machines can be customized in sizes, materials and so on to meet your wants.

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