Frozen French Fries Making Business

French fries, also known as finger chips, are fried or baked thin potato strips. As popular snacks or side dishes with fast food, they are widely consumed by people all over the world, especially with the popular of western fast food chains. To meet this great demand, frozen finger chips become more prevalent, for they are convenient and offer consistent quality when fried for the second time in fast food restaurants, street food stood, or even home cooking. Besides, frozen finger chips can be stored in large quantity for longer time, which can prevent shortage of french fries when there are great demands. So it is a profitable opportunity to start your own frozen french fries making businesses.

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Frozen French Fries Production Plant

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Key Requirements for Frozen Finger Chip Plant

  1. To set up a frozen french fries manufacturing plant, you should consider following factors.
    1.Licence permission. You should get permission to start your frozen french fries businesses, and also need land to operate your business. The size of land you require depends on the scale of the frozen finger chips plant.
    2.Raw material. To produce frozen french fries, you need raw materials like potatoes, oil and water. The quality of raw materials can largely determine the quality of final product.
    3.Machinery. Frozen french fries making machines are essential for the success of your businesses. Namely, there are sorting and grading machine, washing and peeling machine, cutting machine, blanching machine, dewatering machine, frying machine, deoiling machine, air cooling machine, quick freezer, packaging machine and other product handling machine. Each piece of machine serves its unique purpose so that to obtain top final product.
    4.Human labor. The number of human labor can vary for different frozen finger chips lines. For example, if you set up a fully automatic frozen finger chip line, you need fewer workers while most the processes are done by machines. However, if you build a semi-automatic one, you would need more workers to work with machines.
    5.Other needs. As they are frozen french fries, you should also consider how to store and transport them properly.

How Frozen French Fries are Made

Firstly, when the potatoes arrive in factory, they will be sorted and graded so that to remove defective ones. And this process can be done both manually and by potato sorting and grading machine. Then the chosen potatoes will be washed and peeled by industrial potato washer and peeler. Now, the peeled potatoes will be transferred to cutter machine, which wil cut them into thin strips with adjustable thickness. Then to remove the starch on the cut potatoes, and ensure good frying result, the cut potatoes will be blanched in blanching machine. In fact, they are simply boiled in hot water for period of time. Then the dewatering machine will dry the potato strips before frying. Frying is essential step of the frozen french fries making processes. The dried potato stripes will be deep fried in fryer machine with constant high temperature for a set period of time. After frying, the potato strips are still covered with oil. So deoiling machine will remove the extra oil, preventing them from clogging together. And then the hot french fries will be cooled down by air cooling machine. After that, the french fries will be further cooled down in freezer machine instantly. After freezing, final frozen finger chips are available. And the final stage is to pack them up with packing machine, for packed ones are easy to store and transport.

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