Frozen French Fries Production Line

Frozen french fries production line is also known as frozen french fries processing plant or simply frozen french fry line. The line can change fresh potatoes into their value added versions: frozen french fries. For the frozen fry can be stored for a longer period of time and distributed to many food processing vendors or fast food restaurants. Gelgoog’s many years of experience on frozen french fries line can help you produce the desirable final product with great reliability and efficiency. With clients around the world, we can offer you tailored solutions for frozen french fry processing lines. And the lines for frozen french fries come with different capacities, meeting customers’ different needs. Besides, our frozen french fries plants, be the small or large scale, are at competitive prices. A suitable line for frozen french fries is the first success step for your business. Please free to contact us now.

frozen french fries processing plant for sale
Frozen French Fries Production Plant

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Lines for Frozen French Fries Available

As an experienced manufacturer of frozen french fry lines, we design and engineer a wide variety of turnkey lines. In term of production capacity, there are large scale and small scale frozen french fries processing lines, producing correspondingly large capacity and small capacity of final product. As for the automation level, there are fully automatic frozen french fries lines, consisting of automatic machines to produce large capacity of end products. And there are semi automatic frozen french fries plant, in which some processes are done by human labors. As a result, the semi-automatic line for frozen fry produces smaller capacities than the fully automatic ones. In all, high reliable turnkey lines for frozen french fries making lines are available in Gelgoog.

Frozen French Fries Production Line Price

As mentioned above, there are many kinds of frozen french fries production lines available in our factory and we offer customized solutions for frozen french fry processing lines. Consequently, the prices for frozen french fries are varied. However, we can assure you that all the frozen french fry lines in our company are at competitive prices. For we design and manufacture them in our own factory with our own dedicated workers. What’s more, we are the one-stop partner for your production line, from consulting to installment This factory-direct and one-stop model can save you from third party fees. Most importantly, we always put quality at the first place, so we never compromise quality for lower prices.

Frozen French Fries Production Process

How are frozen french fries processed? Our frozen french fries processing line is consist of: reception and size grading, washing and peeling, inspection, cutting, blanching, drying, frying, deoiling and cooling, freezing and packaging. As for machinery, there are corresponding machines for each process.

  • Reception and grading. It is the first stage of frozen french fry making process. In this stage, potatoes are graded for the desirable sizes, while the undersized ones are collected for other uses.  Our grading machine can help you to grade suitable sizes, saving material and ensuring great output. Designed with great care, our grading machine can grade the potatoes accurately with adjustable sizes.
  • Washing and peeling. It is a vital process for further processing, for cleaned and peeled potatoes make good taste final product. And we corporate the washing and peeling process into one machine, saving money for extra machines. Our potato washing and peeling machine can wash and peel potatoes gently, ensuring no damage to the materials. Besides, the machine can wash and peel the potatoes efficiently, with less water consumption.
  • Cutting. In this process, the peeled potatoes are cut into desirable strips with uniform shapes. Our cutting machine can cut the peeled potatoes into strips with uniform shapes and adjustable thickness. Besides, our cutting machine is made of high quality stainless steel to ensure the cleanness of product.
  • Blanching. It is necessary to blanch the potato strips to remove extra starch, preserve color and eliminate potential virus and so on. Our potato blanching machine is equipped with controllable temperature setting, ensuring the good result.
  • Drying. After the blanching process, the potato strips are need to be dried. Otherwise the fried fry will not be crispy and crunchy. Our drying machine for potato strips or potato chips can dry the blanched potato strips quickly, making them ready for the frying process.
  • Frying. It determines the quality of final product in a greater aspect. Constant high temperature of frying for a set period of time can produce optimum quality of finished product. Our french fries frying machines  are equipped with controllable temperatures as well as time, ensuring optimum final product. And what’s more, we put emphasis on oil and energy consumption to ensure high efficiency of the making process.
  • Deoiling and cooling. After the frying process, the french fries are covered with oil and some of them may clog together. The de-oiling and cooling process can remove extra oil on the surface of the potato strips and cool them down.  Our de-oiling and cooling machine can remove the extra oil on the surface, cool down the french fries in an efficient way.
  • Freezing. This process is an important process in making frozen french fries. The cooled down french fries are transported to french fries freezer for freezing under controlled temperature and time settings. As a centerpiece in making frozen french fries, our freezer can adjust temperature and time according to your needs with great energy efficiency.
  • Packaging. It is the final process of frozen french fries production line. Packaging on one hand can protect the final product, ensuring long shelf life. On the other hand, packaging can make transportation much easier. With advanced technology, our packaging machine can pack the final product with great weight accuracy and high efficiency.

Features of Frozen French Fry Line

  1. Customized solutions. As a professional and experienced manufacturer, we offer tailored solutions for your frozen french fries business. For we know a suitable line is the first step for success.
  2. Quality machines. All the machines in our frozen french fires production line are made of high quality stainless steel. As a result, our machines can be easy to maintain and work for long time. Besides, it can also ensure the cleanness of final product.
  3. Energy saving awareness. To produce top quality frozen french fries is not our ultimate goal, for our ultimate goal is to manufacture optimum final product with less oil, water and energy consumption. And in a bid to realize the goal, we constantly improve our technology, enrich our our knowledge to meet our customers’
  4. Great customer support. As a reliable manufacturer and supplier of frozen french fries processing line, we offer all-around services for our customers. If you have any question about your frozen french fries making business, please feel free to contact us.

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