Frozen Green Beans Processing Line

Frozen green beans processing line is designed for producing frozen green beans from fresh ones. And the frozen green beans process line includes complete set of machinery that can produce top frozen green beans with sustainable use of energy. Green beans are also known as French beans, string beans, snap beans, etc. And they are eaten around the world by boiling, stewing, stir frying and so on. Besides, the green beans are sold fresh, canned and frozen. Frozen green beans stand out for their suitability for long shelf life with original flavor. Due to rich experience and knowledge, we can provide tailored complete lines for processing frozen green beans with quality machinery. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

green beans processing plant machinery
Frozen Green Beans Machinery

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Frozen Green Beans Making Processes

  • Reception of beans. The freshly picked green beans are transported to factory and fed into reception machine for further processing.
  • Air separating. In this process, the light foreign particles like leaves are separated from the beans.
  • Washing. This washing process can remove stone and sand from green beans with flowing water.
  • Draining. Drain off the extra water on washed and cleaned green beans.
  • De-clustering. Using relevant equipment, this process can prevent the green beans from clustering together.
  • Snipping. In this process, the green beans are snipped. In other words, the ends and even the sides of green beans are snipped.
  • Cutting. The snipped green beans are cut into uniform length with effective cutter.
  • Blanching and cooling. The cut green beans are blanched in hot water for a short period of time, preserving color and taste while killing potential bacteria. Then the green beans are cooled down.
  • Inspection and sorting. the cut green beans are inspected and sorted again to removal defective ones, ensuring the consistent quality of raw materials.
  • Dewatering. In this process, excess water is drained off from green beans. For excess water in the green beans can affect the quality of end products.
  • Freezing. With quick freezer machine, the cut green beans are frozen in seconds while retain their original flavor.
  • Sorting. The frozen green beans are sorted once again, removing those are bad in shapes and so on.
  • Weighing and packing. Finally, the frozen green beans are weighted and packed with automatic weighing and packaging machine.

Frozen Green Beans Making Machines

In accordance with the frozen green beans making processes, there are corresponding machines in our frozen green beans manufacturing plant. From material feed equipment to final weighing and packing machine, we offer all the making machines for frozen green beans processing. And of all the machines, green beans blast freezing machine deserves more attention.

Green Beans Freezing Equipment Commercial

Equipped with IQF technology, our green beans freezer machine can freeze a large quantity of green beans within short period of time. Besides, with well built circulation system and insulation system, the tunnel freezer machine for green beans uses energy in an economic way while ensuring consistent freezing results of end products. Thanks to years of experience and knowledge, we custom design quick freezing machines for your green beans processing lines.

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