Frozen IQF Sweet Corn Processing Line

Frozen IQF sweet corn processing line is designed to make IQF frozen sweet corn kernels and frozen sweet corn on cobs from fresh ones. Automatic frozen sweet corn production line can process large quantity of frozen sweet corns with high performance and great efficiency. Sweet corn quick frozen processing line is of great added values of sweet corn processing, because frozen sweet corns are on high demand all over the world, for their nutrition as well as convenience. With extensive experience, Gelgoog can design and develop tailored solutions for frozen sweet corn plants with quality complete set of sweet corn processing machines. Please contact us for tailor made solution.

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Frozen IQF Sweet Corn Processing Line

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 Frozen Sweet Corn Manufacturing Process

  1. Reception of raw material. Fresh picked sweet corns are transferred to factory waiting for further processing.
  2. Peeling the sweet corns is the first step of sweet corn processing. And the peeling work can be both done manually and mechanically.
  3. Our automatic sweet corn kernel cutter machine can remove the kernels from cobs with great efficiency as well as high speed.
  4. The sweet corn kernels are washed with industrial vegetable and fruit washing machine. Using forces and actions of water bubbles and water flows, the industrial veggie and fruit washer can wash and clean the corn kernels gently and efficiently.
  5. Inspection and sorting. Workers will inspect the washed corn kernels and sort out the defective ones as well as other foreign materials.
  6. This blanching process can retain the color, appearance, taste and texture of corn kernels. Our industrial blancher machine can ensure precise blanching temperature and blanching time.
  7. The blanched sweet corn kernels will be cooled down with industrial cooler machine. The chilling process can not only prevent over blanching, ensuring quality end results, but also save energy for freezing process.
  8. Industrial dewatering machine can effectively remove excess water in the sweet corn kernels. For extra water can have negative impact on the frozen sweet corn kernels.
  9. It is vital process for making frozen sweet corn. With our advanced technology, our IQF freezing machines can process large quantity of premium frozen sweet corn kernels with efficient use of energy.
  10. Weighing and packing. The frozen sweet corns can be automatically weighed and packed with fully automatic multihead weighing and packing machine.
  11. Cold storage. Our advanced cold storage room can preserve frozen sweet corns and other frozen products for long period of time with great performance.

IQF Frozen Sweet Corn Freezing Machine

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of freezing machines, Gelgoog can design and manufacture tailored IQF freezer machines to meet customer needs and requirements. For quick freezing of frozen sweet corn kernels, our IQF tunnel freezer and liquid nitrogen freezing machine can be suitable. With advanced technology and innovative designs, our IQF freezing systems can ensure superior frozen sweet corns with effective use of energy.