Frozen Mixed Vegetable Process Line

Frozen mixed vegetable process line is designed for processing of frozen vegetable blend. Frozen mixed vegetables are popular and healthy products that are widely consumed by people all over the world. Frozen vegetable blend is of same nutrition as fresh ones. Moreover, there are kinds of vegetables available in frozen mixed vegetables so that you can enjoy many vegetables at a time. As a professional manufacturer and supplier of vegetable and fruit processing machinery, we offer tailored solutions for frozen mixed vegetable process lines with quality machinery.

mixed vegetable freezing making machines
Frozen Mixed Vegetable Process Line

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Frozen Vegetable Blend Making Processes

Since there are many kinds of vegetables, the processing of frozen vegetable making can vary from one to another. However, in general, the processes of frozen vegetable blend are the same as follows.

  • Reception. Fresh picked vegetables are delivered to factory at no time, at which the vegetables are verified and selected.
  • Sifting. The vegetables are sifted by water flow to remove dense materials, like stone or glass.
  • Washing. The vegetables are washed with water bubbles or water flow. Washing is essential for the processing of frozen mixed vegetable, for it can remove the foreign materials, such as soil and dust.
  • Dewatering. Excess water is removed from washed vegetables by air drying or vibration.
  • Cutting. Various vegetables are cut into required sizes, like cubes or dices.
  • Blanching. Cut vegetables are fed into hot water for short period of time. The blanching of vegetables can eliminate strong flavors in vegetables, while maintain desired color. What’s more, the blanching can eliminate potential bacteria by reducing the activity of enzymes.
  • Cooling. Blanched vegetables are cooled down by air drying machine before freezing.
  • Freezing. The cooled down mixed vegetables are fed into IQF freezer. To ensure quality, the temperature is rapidly lowered to -18°C at the core of the product in the space of a few minutes.
  • Weighing and packing. The frozen mixed vegetables are accurately weighted and packed, ready for storage or transportation.

Frozen Vegetable Mixed Making Machine

As stated above, fresh vegetables have to go through several processes to become frozen ones. And correspondingly, there are many frozen vegetable blend maker machines, like vegetable sorting and grading machine, vegetable blancher, vegetable washing machine, veggie dewatering machine, vegetable blast freezing machine, and so on.

Quality Vegetable Blend IQF Freezer

In frozen mixed vegetable production line, the blast freezer machine for vegetables is vital. With IQF technology, the frozen mixed vegetable freezer machine can freeze the core of vegetable mix at to -18°C in short period of time. Our frozen vegetable blend freezing machine is cost-effective due to advanced technology and innovative design. Besides, the blast freezer for vegetable mix can process larger quantities faster, while occupying significantly less floor space. Our IQF freezing equipment is designed for variety of batch or continuous freezing processes. And thanks to smart design, the mixed vegetable freezing machine is easy to clean, saving both downtime and labor costs.

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