Frozen Okra Processing Line

Frozen okra processing line is a process line to make frozen okra from fresh picked okra. Okra is popular and healthy vegetable that are widely found in various cuisines and enjoyed by people of all ages around the world. Okra is known as lady’s fingers or ochro in many English-speaking countries. And in Arabic word, okra is also called as Bamia. In light of this great popularity, okra is in high demand all year long. Frozen okra comes to the rescue for it can not only be easily stored and transferred, but also preserve the freshness and nutrition of fresh okra. Due to rich experience, we can provide tailored solutions for okra quick freezing line with top quality machinery. With advanced technology, our frozen okra manufacturing plant can freeze a large quantities of okra with high performance.

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Frozen Okra Quick Freezer Commercial

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Processing Steps for Frozen Okra Making

  • Reception of raw materials. Fresh picked okras are transferred to factory for further processing.
  • Washing. The okra is washed to remove foreign materials like leaves, soil and so on.
  • Cutting. The washed okras are cut into smaller pieces or other shapes with various sizes according to needs.
  • Sorting. The sliced okras are sorted to eliminate the under standard ones so as to ensure the consistent quality of raw materials.
  • Washing. The cut okras are washed and cleaned again to eliminate debris during the cutting process.
  • Blanching and cooling. Cleaned cut okras are blanched in hot water for a short period of time. Blanching is vital for killing enzymes and preserving the color and taste of the okra. Then the blanched okras are cooled down for further processes.
  • Inspection. In this process, workers inspect the blanched and cooled okras to remove defective ones.
  • Dewatering. This dewatering process can remove the extra water from blanched okra before freezing, which can ensure the good quality of frozen okra.
  • Freezing. The dewatered okras are reduced to low temperatures and quickly be frozen.
  • Grading. Frozen okras are graded so that they can be classified into different categories.
  • Weighing and packing. The graded frozen okras are accurately weighted and packed for transportation as well as shelf life.

Frozen Okra Making Machines

In line with the frozen okra making processes, there are many machines for frozen okra processing lines. From initial feeding to final weighing and packing, we provide top machinery for the complete line of frozen okra making.

IQF Okra Freezing Machine

In all the machines for frozen okra making line, quick freezer machine is an indispensable one.With IQF technology, our okra blast freezing machine can freeze a great many of okras quickly without clogging. Of course, expect okras, the commercial quick freezer machine can be used to blast freeze a great variety of vegetables and fruits, meat, seafood, pastry and so on. What’s more, equipped with superior heating  circulation system and structured with stainless steels, the okra tunnel freezer machine can freeze the products with sustainable use of energy and consistent freezing results. And the industrial blast freezer is easy to operate and monitor with computer control system. We can customize okra freezing equipment in every aspects to meet your specific needs and requirements.

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