Frozen Peas Processing Plant

Frozen peas processing plant produces frozen green peas with a complete set of frozen peas making machines. As a healthy vegetable with rich nutrition, green peas, also known as garden peas, are widely used in many cuisines. And to enjoy them in their prime, peas are usually frozen. In fact, green pea is the most common frozen vegetable. With rich expertise and experience, we can offer tailored solutions for frozen green peas processing plant with quality machinery. Equipped with advanced technology and top machines, our frozen green peas plant can produce superior frozen green peas with sustainable use of energy. Please feel free to contact us for help.

frozen green peas making machines
Frozen Green Peas Process Plant

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Frozen Peas Manufacturing Process

1. Arrival of raw materials. Fresh picked green peas with pods are transferred to factory.
2.Removing shells. This process can separate the green peas from their pods.
3.Separation. In this process, the leaves and other light foreign materials are removed.
4.Washing and draining. The green peas are washed to remove stone, sand and other foreign materials. Then the washed peas are drained, ready for next process.
5.Blanching. The cleaned green peas are blanched in hot water for a few minutes. This process can kill enzymes to preserve taste. After blanching, the these green peas are cooled with water.
6.Sorting and inspection. In this process, the green peas are sorted and inspected to remove under standard green peas, ensuring top quality of end products.
7.Dewatering. Extra water from green peas is removed in this process.
8.Freezing. The dehydrated green peas are frozen with quick freezer.
9.Packaging. The frozen green peas are packed automatically by packaging machine.

IQF Frozen Green Peas Processing Machinery

According to frozen peas processing steps, there are many machines for the frozen green peas processing plant, like feeding machine, washing machine, vegetable blancher machine, sorting and inspection machine, dewatering machine, freezing machine and packing machine and so on. Of all these machines, green peas freezer is a vital piece of machinery.

Green Peas IQF Quick Freezing Machine

Equipped with IQF technology, our green peas quick freezing machine can freeze a great quantity of green peas within short period of time. Built with high quality stainless steels and smart designs, the green peas freezing machine is durable and easy to clean and maintain. Besides, with advanced technology, the green peas freezing equipment can work continuously for long time with little need of defrosting work. What’s more, with effective fluidization systems, our green peas freezer machine can ensure consistent freezing results.

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