Frozen Pepper Processing Plant

Frozen pepper processing plant is designed for processing fresh chilli peppers, bell peppers and other pepper varieties into frozen ones. Peppers have many kinds of varieties like capsicum, bell pepper, chilli pepper and so on, and they are widely eaten in various cuisines around the world. Peppers can be eat fresh, dried and frozen. In light of its great popularity, peppers, especially fresh ones are in great demand all year around. Freezing pepper is the most effective way of preservation for it usually takes just few minutes. Our frozen pepper processing plant is engineered to produce frozen striped and diced peppers. Due to rich experience and professional knowledge, we can custom design frozen pepper processing lines with quality machinery to suit your needs.

frozen pepper processing plant
Frozen Pepper Quick Freezer

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Frozen Pepper Making Process

  • Reception of raw materials. Fresh harvested peppers are transported to factory ready for further processing.
  • Inspection. In this process, smooth and firm peppers are chosen while those with soft spots or wrinkled skin are removed.
  • Washing. The peppers are washed, removing the leaves and other foreign materials.
  • Cutting or halving. In this process, the peppers are cut into halves so that it is easy to remove seed later.
  • Seed removing and washing. the peppers are removed off seeds and other useless parts. After this, the peppers are washed one again.
  • Inspection. The washed peppers are inspected one more time, removing the defective ones.
  • Cutting. In this step, the peppers are cut into strips or dices according to your needs.
  • Separation. Cut peppers are sorted and small pieces of peppers are removed, ensuring the consistent shape and quality of end products.
  • Blanching and cooling. Bathing cut peppers into hot water for several minutes, killing potential bacteria and preserving color. Then they are cooled down.
  • Dewatering and drying. Extra water on blanched cut peppers are drained and removed for the sake of good quality of end products.
  • Freezing. The dried cut peppers are fed into blast freezing machine, which can freeze the peppers in short period of time.
  • Sorting. Frozen peppers are sorted once again, removing the defective ones.
  • Weighing and packing. The frozen peppers are finally weighed and packed, ready for long term transportation or shelf life.

Frozen Pepper Processing Machinery

As there are many steps to produce frozen peppers, there are different kinds of machines for the processing of frozen peppers. Being a professional manufacturer and supplier of frozen pepper making plant, we can provide complete line for frozen pepper processing with quality machines. From feeding equipment to final weighing and packing machine, we custom design all the machines to suit your specific needs.

Tunnel Freezer machine for Frozen Pepper

In frozen pepper making plant, the quick freezing machine is of great importance, for it largely determines the results of finished products. Equipped with IQF technology, our frozen pepper quick freezer machine can freeze huge quantities of peppers instantly, while at the same time preserve their vitamin and minerals. In fact, except peppers, the tunnel freezer can be used to freeze a great variety of products, like vegetables and fruits, pastry, meat, poultry, seafood and so on. Besides, we pay great attention to energy consumption. As a result, our blast freezing equipment is well insulated with stainless steel structure and superior heating circulation system. What’s more, the quick freezing machine is designed in smart way so that it is easy to clean and maintain.

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