Frozen Vegetable Processing Plant

Frozen vegetable processing plant is vegetable manufacturing plant that reduce their temperature and maintain them at freezing point for the purpose of storage and transportation. With the development of society, more and more people seek for nutritious and convenient cooking recipes, and frozen food like frozen vegetables come to the rescue. Frozen vegetable manufacturing plant includes a whole set of machinery that can process vegetables from field to final freezing. Thanks to years of experience and knowledge, we can provide tailor made solutions for your frozen vegetables processing lines with high quality machinery.

frozen vegetable processing line
Frozen Vegetable Processing Plant

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Frozen Vegetable Manufacturing Process

In light of the fact that there are so many kinds of vegetables with various shapes and sizes. As a result, the actual freezing of a kind vegetable can vary from another one. A typical frozen vegetable manufacturing process is as follows.

    • Reception of raw materials. Fresh vegetables are transported to factory after being picked.
    • Inspection. In this process, vegetables are sorted and inspected to remove defective ones, ensuring the top quality of final products.
    • Washing. Vegetables are washed and even peeled to ensure the sanitation of raw materials. In this process, foreign materials like soil and stones are removed.
    • Cutting. According to the sizes, different vegetables are cut into various shapes so that they can be fully processed in following processes.
    • Blanching. Vegetables are boiled in hot water for a short period of time. Blanching can kill enzymes to preserve the taste and color of vegetables. Of course, some kinds of leafy vegetables can not be blanched for it can damage their textures and tastes.
    • Cooling. After blanching, the vegetables will be cooled down by water or air drying. For the cooling can cool down the blanched vegetables before freezing, which can save a lot of energy.
    • Sorting. The vegetables are sorted one again to remove bruised ones.
    • Freezing. In this process, the temperatures of vegetables are reduced to freezing point. With quick freezing, the vegetables are frozen, preserving their texture and nutrition.
    • Packing. The frozen vegetables are packed quickly so that they can be easily stored and transported with long shelf life.

Frozen Vegetable Manufacturing Machine

As a professional vegetable and fruit processing machinery manufacturer, we can provide complete set of machinery for your frozen vegetable processing lines. From vegetable sorting to frozen vegetable packing, we custom design all machines to meet your needs.

Vegetable Quick Freezing Machine

As a central piece of frozen vegetable processing plant, our vegetable quick freezer machine uses IQF technology, ensure instant freezing of vegetables with good results. With advanced technology, the vegetable blast freezing equipment has well-built insulation and heating transferring system, so that you can produce superior frozen vegetables with sustainable use of energy. All our vegetable tunnel freezing machine can be customized in almost every aspect to suit your specific need and requirements.

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