Automatic Fruit Washing Production Line Flow Chart

The fruit output is large, but the sales price is low, and the problem of “difficulty in selling fruit” often occurs, and the momentum of rapid development of fruit production is inhibited. One of the important reasons is that the post-harvest commercialization is backward, and the appearance quality is poor, which leads to the weak market competitiveness of the fruit. According to the trend of fruit production and sales, it can be found that most of the fruit production value is added by fruit harvesting and processing. Post-harvest processing of fruit includes washing, grading, packaging, etc. As an important part of fruit processing, related fruit processing technologies have achieved rapid development. Today, I will take you to understand the equipment needed for the fruit automatic cleaning production line.

whole fruit washing line flow chart

1. Process Of Automatic Fruit  Cleaning Production Line

Automatic Fruit washing production line process: fruit – picking – cleaning – drying – grading – packaging.

2. Main Equipment Of Automatic Fruit Cleaning Production Line

1. Bubble Fruit Cleaning Machine

The bubble fruit washing machine is a special cleaning machine for fruit, which simulates manual operation. The equipment generates bubbles to wash away the dust and dirt on the surface of the fruit, avoiding damage to the fruit during the cleaning process. The set spray device ensures the cleaning quality and saves water.

bubble type washing machine for fruit

2. Air Dryer

The fruit air dryer can dry the moisture on the surface of the fruit, providing favorable preparation for the next grading process.

3. Fruit Grading Machine

The rollers of the classifier are driven by the rotation of the double helix of the classifier, move forward in parallel, and gradually increase the gap between the rollers, so as to achieve the corresponding size of fruits and vegetables so that the fruit falls from the gap between the rollers to the outlet. On the fruit conveyor belt, the purpose of fruit division is completed. Grading fruit grades can be adjusted according to customer needs. Usually divided into 3-5 grades.

4. Fruit Packing Machine

After cleaning and grading, the fruit is packaged, which is convenient for storage and transportation, prolongs the shelf life and improves the overall quality of the product.

The fruit automatic cleaning production line solution developed by our company is based on years of technical accumulation and absorbs the advantages of equipment in the same industry, mainly used for fruit cleaning and processing. The cleaning and grading packaging production line has strong cleaning ability, high cleaning degree, and does not damage the cleaned fruits.

If you want to increase the added value of fruit products on a large scale, you are welcome to inquire, visit our company and seek common cooperation.