Frozen Green Bean Processing Line With Washing Blanching Freezing

Green beans also called string beans, which are rich in protein, antioxidants, carotene, vitamin K, etc., and are known as the meat of vegetables. Has anti-inflammatory and strong bones.
In today’s increasingly popular fast food, with the appearance of quick-frozen green beans, washed and blanched quick-frozen green beans can now be bought in supermarkets. You can make delicious dishes when you buy them home and handle them a little bit. Today, I will take you to our company’s research and development factory to learn about the cleaning, blanching and quick-freezing process of green beans.

1. How To Wash String Beans?

The string beans are cleaned using a bubble green washing machine.
The picked green beans enter the water tank of the string bean washing machine through the lifting equipment, and are fully dispersed, rolled, cleaned and conveyed under the action of high-pressure water flow and strong bubbles. The sediment eluted from the surface of green beans sinks into the bottom isolation bin, and will not cause re-pollution due to upturning and backflow. The debris and worms floating in the water are collected by the mesh of the debris removal mechanism, and discharged into the nylon bag of the lower water tank with the water flow overflowing the water tank. The washed green beans are sprayed and cleaned after the water is discharged to ensure that they are thoroughly cleaned and then sent to the next process.

string bean washing machine price

2. How To Blanch Green Beans?

Blanching green beans not only removes toxins, but also keeps the green color of the green beans uniform.
Generally, green bean blanching machine is used to blanch green beans. The equipment is made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, and the green bean blanching temperature and speed can be set according to the process requirements. The blanching water temperature is automatically controlled by the temperature controller, and the speed is controlled by frequency conversion.

3. How To Freeze Green Beans?

The quick-freezing equipment developed by our company adopts the single quick-freezing technology, which increases the contact area of ​​cold air on the surface of the green beans, makes the heat exchange more sufficient and rapid, and makes the green beans cool evenly. At the same time, through the intermittent vibration device, the green beans are continuously vibrated during the quick-freezing process to ensure the integrity of the appearance and can be independently frozen and separated after a series of agitation.

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Our company is committed to high standards, and the pursuit of hygiene, high quality, durability and functionality is what we emphasize when customizing green bean washing, blanching, and quick freezing equipment for our customers. Our company has established close cooperative relations with partners and every customer, so as to provide customers with food processing equipment that meets their needs.