How French Fries are Made

In our last article, we talk about how to make potato chips. Today, we will explain how french fries are made in factory. Like potato chips, french fries are also very popular snacks around the world. However, except for the fact they both can be cooked for dinner, packed potato chips are often found on shelves, french fries are often found in fast-food restaurants and other food stood. As when all know fast-food restaurants are everywhere, and this also means high demand. Now, let us find how to make french fries in factory with great capacity.

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Equipment for French Fry Making

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French Fries Making Process and Machines

When it comes to french fry manufacturing process, there are many steps. And every step is essential for producing optimum french fries. As a result, each piece of equipment in the french fries plant should work well to ensure the smooth processing. Besides, in our french fries line, all machines are made of quality stainless steel to be durable and sanitary for the potato processing.

  1. Sorting and grading. This is the first step of the processes, which can ensure quality raw materials. To obtain optimum end product, you need high quality raw material. In automatic french fries line, sorting and grading machine will choose the qualified potatoes, while remove the defective ones. Our sorting and grading machines for potatoes can do the job in an effective and efficient way.
  2. Washing and peeling. Since there may be soil and other foreign materials on the potatoes, it is necessary to wash off them and peel the potatoes. This process can ensure the cleanness of potatoes. Our abrasive potato washer and peeler machines can wash and peel potatoes in one machine, which can save your money.
  3. Cutting. The peeled potatoes are transported into industrial potato cutting machines, which can cut them into strips with adjustable thickness. In fact, our commercial potato cutter can also be used to cut other vegetables and fruits in different shapes.
  4. Blanching. The potato strips are blanched to remove starch, preserve desirable color, and eliminate potential bacteria. Blanching can make fried potato french fries more crispy. Our blancher machine can control the temperature of water and transfer time, ensuring good results of blanching.
  5. Dewatering. After blanching, there is still water on the potato strips. And it is necessary to remove extra water before frying. Our dewatering machine can remove water effectively while do no damage to the potato strips.
  6. Deep frying. In this process, the blanched french fries are deep fried in fryer. Our potato french fries frying machine can ensure contact high temperature of oil, and allows you to set frying time. What is more, our fryer can use oil in an effective way while make sure you get top french fries.
  7. Deoiling. There is oil on the surface of fried finger chips. And to remove extra oil can prevent the french fries from clogging together. Like our dewatering machine, our defatting machine can drain the oil effectively without damage to the french fries.
  8. Air cooling. This process is necessary for next processes. Our air cooling machine can cool down the french fries quickly so that they can be handed in following steps, such as flavoring and packaging.
  9. Freezing. If you want to make frozen french fries, there is a freezing process after cooling. The potato french fries freezer can cool down the french fries further instantly, before they are packed by packaging machine. So there is no flavoring processes needed in frozen french fries line. The packed frozen french fries are often delivered to fast-food restaurants in great quantity.
  10. Flavoring. After cooling, french fries are added with different flavors by seasoning mixer machine. The flavoring machine can spread flavors evenly and thoroughly on the french fries.
  11. Packaging. This is final stage of processing. Packing can not only prolong the shelf life of french fries, but also can be used as a promotion tool. For attractive packaging can also draw attention of your customers. Our french fries packaging machine can pack them effectively and efficiently according to your needs and requirements.

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