How Pork Rinds are Made

This article introduces how popular pork rinds are made in factory. Fried pork rinds are served as popular snack foods and side dishes in many countries and regions. And this can be seen from its various names: pig skins, crackings, pork scratching,Chicharrones, and so on. Besides, due to high protein and low-carbohydrate, fried pork rinds are on rising demand among people who are on diet. Therefore, pork rinds are becoming more and more popular. While you can cook pork crackings at home, fried pig skins are produced in large quantities to meet surging demands all over the world. The automatic pork rinds frying line in processing plant can produce premium quality fried pig skins with efficient use of oil and energy.

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Fried Pork Skins Making Processes

  1. While home made pork cracklings are made of raw pig meat, frozen and dried pork skin pellets are used to produce large quantity of commercial pork rinds.
  2. Then they are simmering into water to be rehydrated.
  3. After that the pork skins are air dried once again.
  4. Then the dried pig scratchings are deep fried in edible oil for certain time with high temperature.
  5. Since there is extra oil on the fried pig skin after frying, they should be deoiled and air dried.
  6. To make them delicious, the plain pork rinds are added with flavors. Finally, the fried pork rinds are packaged.

Chicharrones Frying Making Machine

The pork rinds frying line includes several kinds of machines, like pork rinds deep fryer commercial, air drying machine, dehydrating machine and deoiling machine, flavoring machine, packaging machine and other material handling machines. And the vital piece of machinery is pig skin frying machine. Constant high temperature and precise frying time can ensure the high quality of fried end products. Gelgoog pork crackings deep fryers commercial allow for precise controlling of frying temperature and frying time, and fast remove of particles. These ensure superior fried pork rinds with sustainable use of energy and oil. Besides, the fried pig skins frying machines are made of high quality stainless steels, making them durable and sanitary.

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