How Potato Chips are Made

As popular by-products of potatoes, potato chips are one of the most consumed snack foods around the world. To meet this large volume demand, a great many of potato chips plants, be the large scale ones or small ones, are set up and operated all over the world. As a result, we can find both international potato chips manufacturers as well as local chips making businesses. It may be difficult to trace back its history, but one thing is certain that the potato chips industry is still booming. Here we will find out how to make potato chips in factory.

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Potato Chips Line

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Potato Chips Manufacturing Process and Machinery

  1. Sorting and grading. When the raw material potatoes arrive at potato chips plant, they are examined, sorted and graded. Actually, the potatoes are selected according to sizes and types in processing. Besides, defective potatoes are sorted out, while extra large ones can be cut into halves. This sorting and grading process can ensure the quality of raw material, thus ensuring top end products. Our sorting and grading machine can do the work accurately and efficiently.
  2. Washing and peeling. To wash off soils on the surface of potatoes, remove stones, potatoes are transported to industrial potato washing machine. And then the clean potatoes will be peeled. This process can also impact further processes. Carefully cleaned and peeled potatoes can make the taste and texture of potato chips feel good. Our potato washer machine and peeler are integrate into one machine. This can save your money. More importantly, our potato washer and peeler machine can also wash and peel potatoes effectively and efficiently.
  3. Slicing. The clean peeled potatoes will be fed into potato slicing machine, cutting into thin slices. Our potato cutter can slice the potatoes in uniform shapes with adjustable thickness.
  4. Blanching. The potato slices are blanched in hot water to wash off starch, preserve desirable color and eliminate potential bacteria. Our blancher machine can blanch the potato slices in an energy efficient way.
  5. Dewatering. After blanching, there are water on the surface of potato slices. To make sure it is crispy after frying, it is necessary to remove the extra water. The dewatering machine in Gelgoog can drain off water quickly with great amount.
  6. Frying. This is an important process in potato chips making. The potato slices will be fried in oil with contact high temperature for a set period time before they are transported to next process. Usually, the potatoes are fried in either corn oil, cottonseed oil or a blend vegetable oil. And in the frying process, the oil is filtered to remain purification. Our potato chips fryer machine can ensure good frying results with less consumption of energy.
  7. Defatting. After frying, there is extra oil on the surface of potato chips so they should be deoiled. The deoiling machine in our factory can remove extra oil quickly without damaging the potato chips.
  8. Air drying. In this process, the potato chips will be transferred on wire mesh belt. At the same time, air will blow at these potato chips. As a result, the hot potato chips are cooled down, ready for next handling processes. The air drying machine will dry up and cool down the potato chips, ensuring the crispy texture of the potato chips.
  9. Flavoring. In this process, different flavors are added onto potato chips to meet the needs of consumers. Our flavoring machine can spread the flavors evenly and thoroughly on potato chips, making them tasty.
  10. Packaging. The potato chips are weighed and then packed. Our packaging machine can pack the potato chips in different packages with great accuracy and efficiency.

Chips Making Machinery Manufacturer

As mentioned above, in a potato chips production line, there are kinds of machines. Except those, there are also product handling machines, such as conveyor belt, hopper and so on. For potato chips making business, a suitable solution is vital for the success of the business. And in a process line, each individual machine determined the quality end products. Knowing these well enough, we always strive to offer you tailor made solutions for your potato chips plant. And we constantly improve our technology to design and manufacture high quality chips making machines. All these are realized because of our experienced engineers and dedicated workers. So if you have any question about your potato chips making businesses, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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