How to Calculate the Output of French Fries Production Line

Potatoes are rich in resources, low in price and have great market potential. Processing potatoes into French fries and potato chips snack food is a major innovation in the food industry and one of the main development directions. Potato chips have delicious flavor, low calorific value, no feeling of satiety, hygienic, convenient, economical and have certain nutritional value. The annual growth rate of output is 12%-15%, and the mode of production has shifted from workshop to mass production. Let’s talk about how to calculate the output of French fries production line based on the processing technology of French fries.

1. French Fries and Potato Chips Processing Technology

The processing process of French fries and potato chips is as follows: Potatoes – lifting – cleaning and peeling – picking – cutting into strips and slices – blanching – cooling and cleaning – air drying – frying – deoiling – air cooling – seasoning – packaging.

2. Production Calculation Method of French Fries and Potato Chips Production Line

Let me give you an example to teach you how to calculate the output of French fries and potato chips production line. The method adopted is to split the planned annual output to the daily output, and then combine the entire production line to split the specific output of the production line equipment accordingly, so as to facilitate equipment selection and determine the number of equipment. Of course, this is an idealized situation, and equipment with a larger output can be selected after estimation to complete the preset annual output.


Assuming that the annual output of the French fries and potato chips factory is 3000 tons, the whole factory has two production lines, 12 months of production each year, 25 days of production per month on average, and 16 hours of production per day. It can be calculated that the ideal output of the production line is 10 tons per day , 0.625 tons/hour.


Since the water content of potatoes is more than 70%, the water content after being produced into potato chips is not more than 5%. Potato fries and potato chips before frying are cleaned, peeled, sliced, blanched, and air-dried. The calculation of equipment output in the steps of potato moisture content, potato skin ratio, and material consumption in each link is taken into account.


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