How to Flavor Potato Chips

What is your favorite flavor of potato chips? Barbecue, spicy, or sweet onion flavor? For myself, I love the spicy flavor chips so much that I can devour a bag of potato chips at one go. Then have ever wondered how the potato chips can have different flavors and the seasons are evenly spread on the surface? At home, you can flavor your home-made chips with favorite flavors all by hand. However, in potato chips production line, special flavoring machine is used to do the job.

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How Seasoning Mixer Machine Work

When it comes to flavoring machines for potato chips, there are two kinds available in our factory. One comes with octagon shaped mixing pan, while the other is rotary type. Due to their special designs, they can work for different types of potato chips plant. The octagon one is suitable for semi-automatic potato chips lines while the rotary type for fully automatic chips making line, for it can work continuously. Both flavoring machines have special devices that hold seasons and spread them accurately onto the potato chips. To ensure the seasons are spread evenly,  the container filled with potato chips will rotate constantly with adjustable angles. And this is why we can enjoy our favorite flavored potato chips. In fact, as stand-alone machine, the flavoring adding machine can be used to flavor many other snack foods as well.

Advantages of Seasoning Mixer Machine

  1. Robust built with stainless steel. This can make it durable for long time. Besides, it can also do no contamination to the end products.
  2. Ease maintenance. Due to careful design, our flavoring machines allow for quick cleanness and thorough maintenance.
  3. Accurate and even flavoring. Thanks to constant innovation, our flavoring drum machine can spread the seasonings evenly on the products, ensuring good taste.
  4. Multiple functions. Except for potato chip, they can also add flavors to other snack foods, like french fries.

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