How To Keep French Fries Crispy After Frying

French fries are a kind of deep-fried food made from potatoes, which are deeply loved by people. The crispier the French fries, the better the taste. Therefore, in order to cater to people’s taste experience, french fries suppliers will make crispy and delicious fries for sale. But for the french fries making process, we will encounter this situation: the French fries are not crispy, and the French fries are soft. How to keep french fries crispy after frying? Here are a few methods.
making french fries
Remove Excess Starch
If there is a lot of starch on the French fries, your French fries will be sticky and soft, so the French fries will generally be soaked in water for a period of time to remove the starch, and then fried will be more crispy.
*Soak the fries in cold water, this will remove some starch that will absorb water later.
* Rinse them. It is not enough to remove the starch after soaking. You also need to rinse off the starch on the surface.
* Use a towel to dry the excess water on the surface of the fries.

French Fries Twice Fried
After double frying, it can lock the moisture and prevent contact with the air, so that the French fries will be more crispy.
*Fry the French fries at a lower temperature until they are cooked and lightly golden. Then you can put them in the refrigerator or freeze them for a while.
*Fry the frozen French fries again at a higher temperature. The color is golden yellow.

crisp french fries

Sealed Packaging Storage
The main reason that causes the French fries to become soft and not crispy is that the French fries are in contact with the air and absorb the moisture in the air. Therefore, sealing and packaging the fried French fries can not only keep crispy but also convenient to carry.

Now you know how to keep french fries crispy after frying? The following video shows the frying process of crispy golden fries.