How to Start French Fries Making Business

French fries are popular by-product of potatoes, which are widely consumed by people all over the world. As a result, the french fry making industry is very profitable, no matter the large brands or small frying making business. And mature as the industry is, there is always business opportunity left, as the market is huge. So it is advisable to start your french fries manufacturing businesses or simply expand your existing business.

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Tips for French Fries Making Businesses

There are several elements for you to consider when you set up your potato french fries processing businesses.

  1. First and foremost, get relevant certification. To engage into food processing businesses, you should obtain permission.
  2. Then, you should choose suitable location. For small scale french fries processing businesses, the preferable location should be near to good raw materials as well as target market. For these can save your great lot money and energy.
  3. And then there comes the french fries making machinery, which can be a big factor in the whole investment. Although prices of french fries making machines are important to consider, you should also put great emphasis on the quality of french fries manufacturing machines. For high quality machines can not only produce optimum end products, but also can serve for long time. In all, top french fry processing equipment is essential for the success of your business. So it is vital to have a suitable french fries making line with quality machinery for your business.

French Fries Manufacturing Process and Machinery

Since the making process and machinery is so important for your french fries production businesses, let us dive deep into this factor.

To obtain top french fries, fresh potatoes should go through several processes: sorting and grading, washing and peeling, cutting, blanching, dewatering, frying, defatting, air drying, flavoring and packaging. Additionally, if you want to make frozen french fry, then there is a freezing process after deoiling.

As for the french fries making machines, they are correspond to above processes.

  • Our sorting and grading machine can sort and grade suitable potatoes to ensure great yield.
  • Then the potato washer and peeler can wash and peel potatoes cleanly and efficiently within one machine.
  • After that, the peeled potatoes will be cut into uniform potato strips with adjustable thickness.
  • Before frying, the cut potato should be blanched in blanching machine to remove starch, preserve desirable color and eliminate potential bacteria.
  • Then comes the important step: frying. Our french fry fryer machine can fry the potato strips evenly with constant high temperature and adjustable time. And this can ensure optimum finished product. What is more important, our frying machine can use energy in sustainable way.
  • After frying, there is extra oil on the surface of the french fries, which will be removed by our deoiling machines.
  • And then the french fry is cooled down by air drying machine so that is can be handled in following processes.
  • To add flavors, flavoring machine will spread flavors onto french fries in an even and efficient way.
  • And finally, the flavored french fries will be packed. In frozen french fries, there will be a freezer machine to freeze the french fries and then they will be packed.

Customized Solutions for French Fries Line

Although the above mentioned processes are need in making french fries, you can still choose the suitable machinery for your french fries making businesses to meet your needs. For example, if you can sell french fries in bulk, you may not need packing machine. So before starting your french fry making businesses, you can consult professionals like us. For we have been in this industry for years. With rich experience and knowledge, we can offer you tailor made solutions for your french fries making businesses. And our dedicated engineers and workers are willing to help you out. If you have any question about your french fries making business, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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