How to Start Plantain Chip Making Business

Plantain chip is a popular and healthy snack food enjoyed by people around the world. Besides, with the changes of lifestyle, modern people are seeking healthy diets that can be prepared quickly. And banana chip is one of the favorite food people turn to. Besides, since the plantation of bananas are widely all over the world, these factors ensure the constant rising demand of banana chips. What’s more, it often needs small investments for you to start a banana wafer making unit. So it is of great profitability to set up your own plantain chips making businesses. With years of experience and knowledge, we can provide customized turnkey solutions for your banana plantain chips production line with complete set of machines. Of course, we also design and engineer stand-alone machines for banana chips line.

automatic plantain chips processing plant
Automatic Banana Chips Plant

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Steps to Set Up Plantain Chips Plant

  1. Do research. First of all, do first-hand research into banana chip and its markets. And you can also consult experienced professionals on these matter. In-depth research is vital for your to make further decisions.
  2. Gain permission and certification. To step into food processing factor, you need to get relevant permission and certification from local authorities. Theses certifications can gain the trust of your consumers.
  3. Choose location. Choose suitable location to start your banana chips making unit. It is advisable that you selected location should be either close to raw materials or near to your target markets, which can save you a great lot of transportation investment.
  4. Select quality materials. Raw materials for plantain chips plant include bananas, plantains, edible oil, water, flavors and so on. Quality raw materials largely determine the quality of final products, so you should choose the best ones.
  5. Make suitable solution. Before you purchase banana chips making machines, you should have a clear plan for your banana chips plant. For a suitable plantain chips line is vital for the success of your plantain chips making business. If you are new to this area, as a professional manufacturer of banana chips line, we can offer you customized solutions.
  6. Procure machines. According to your solution for banana chips line, you can select right type of plantain chips making machines. From banana chips cutter to final packaging machine, we offer all with high quality.
  7. Do promotion. After your banana wafer is made, you should promote them in unique way so that they can stand out among many competitors.

Banana Wafer Manufacturing Process

Firstly, workers will sort and grade bananas, and remove the defective ones. This process can ensure the quality of raw material. Then experienced workers will peel and trim the plantains, preparing them for next processes. After that, peeled bananas will be cut into thin slices. And usually they will fall into cool water, which can preserve their natural color. In the following, the banana chips will be dried up before being fried. In the frying process, the dried plantain chips will be deep fried with constant high temperature oil for a set period of time. Since there is extra oil on the surface of fried banana chips, they should be de-oiled. Besides, the hot plantain chips will be cooled down, ready for following processes. To make them delicious, the banana chips will be added with different flavors. And finally, the banana chips will be packed up to prolong their shelf life.

Banana Chips Making Machines

Of all investment for plantain chips making business, banana chips making machines can be a large part of it. Generally, there are fully automatic banana chips making machines and semi-automatic machinery for plantain chips making. The main differences are that automatic banana chips making machines can produce large quantity of banana chips continuously for long time, while semi-automatic ones need the cooperation work of human labor, which can produce medium and small capacities. In general, the banana chips making machines include banana chips cutter, dewatering machine, plantain chips frying machine, de-oiling machine, air drying machine, flavoring machine and packaging machine. As a reliable manufacturer, we design and manufacture quality plantain chips processing machines, which ensure top final results with sustainable use of energy.

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